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Hair loss treatment

Most patients prefer to stay away from surgical procedures. Therefore, the non-surgical option for hair loss treatment and restoration started to be in high demand. Up to 2 years ago, unless patients are willing to go through surgery, they used to have limited options. Albany Cosmetic and Laser center interdisciplinary team was able to put a comprehensive protocol that showed very promising results.

Albany protocol for Hair Loss

Our protocol manage the hair loss using three different tool

1- mesotherapy and microneedling

2- LED light

3- Er-Yag laser with Fotona.

Mesotherapy for hair restoration

We use a special solution that is rich with B complex, B5, B12, biotin suspended in hyaluronic acid. We apply the solution on the scalp and use a gentle microneedling used the Eclipse derma pen to enhance the absorption. The meso solution provides the hair follicles with the high dose required to reduce the hair loss and promote the new hair. The mechanical induction that the microneedling pen provides also helps in enhancing the blood circulation to the follicles. This procedure is followed by 10 min of LED light

Er-Yag laser with Fotona.

The long pulse of the Fotona laser relies on the controlled bulk-heating to stimulate dormant hair follicles. The thermal energy penetrates deep in the skin of the scalp increases blood flow to the follicles and enhances the anabolic activities resulting in the natural regrowth of hair.

How many sessions do you need?

We recommend a minimum of eight sessions (four of the meso and four of the laser), The session is performed on a weekly basis.


The picture below is for one of our clients that finished the full eight-session protocol.

hair loss after treatment
hair loss after treatment
Hair loss before treatment