Fraxel Eye Lift   

Our eyes are often the first thing a person notices about us, and for those of us who have mild to severe under-eye bags, that first glance can make us appear tired, haggard, or older than we really are. Under-eye bags can have a variety of causes and can look different depending on the natural aging process, genetics, and bone structure of each individual. Though many eye creams, concealers and other products claim to help with under-eye bags, few are able to completely revitalize the eye area, which can leave patients feeling frustrated.


What is Fraxel laser?

Fraxel laser Treatment is a line of non-surgical lasers for facial rejuvenation, a concept of dermatological treatment that takes advantage of the skin's regenerative process by treating it in a fractional manner. The energy from the lasers creates tiny columns of thermal destruction in the skin that stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells to replace old, damaged cells. It's really working from the inside out of the skin turnover and collagen production, which is actually just the body's natural healing process accelerated.


Case 1063

A female in her late 40’s came in with concerns regarding the eyebags and darkness under her eyes. After carefully reviewing her options and keeping her medical history in mind, we decided to proceed with 3-4 sessions one month apart using the Fraxel laser that would give her the best results. This specific procedure was done in an hour, but we highly recommend applying numbing cream to the treatment area at least two hours before the procedure.


The procedure

We begin by wiping any oil or numbing cream residue left on the skins surface and provide you with ocular shields that protect the eye from the exposure of the laser. Numbing eye drops are also provided by the doctor to help with the discomfort of the ocular shields (metal contact lens). We used the Fraxel 1550 with the eye handpiece at 20/6 for 8 passes and an air-cooling machine at the same time to help with the discomfort. Post treatment, we apply the Zo epidermal cream immediately and send you home with a aftercare kit and instructions.



Fraxel eye treatment is $300.00 per session.


Side effects

The main side effects to be expected are swelling, tenderness and redness which lasts up to 7-10 days but varies with each person depending on their skin type.



Inserted below are before and after pictures that were taken three months apart post one treatment. You can see results in just a few weeks after the first session.