Underarm whitening in Edmonton

Underarm whitening treatment uses a combination of Fraxel laser and Spectra laser to resurface the skin and remove the pigmentation.

Before prp hair loss After prp hair loss

What Causes Underarm Pigmentation?

Underarm pigmentation can limit women’s clothing options and lower their self-esteem. The majority of cases of underarm pigmentation are caused by an inflammatory reaction, such as a sugar waxing burn or the use of an old razor blade, in addition to a genetic predisposition to Melasma and pigmentation.

Underarm whitening laser

Underarm Whitening Laser Treatment

to achieve the best results, we combine two different lasers; Fraxel laser and Spectra laser. The Fraxel laser 1927 nm wavelength provides non-invasive skin resurfacing and the spectra Q-Switch nanosecond laser to break down melanin pigment particles.

What Is The Procedure Like?

We make the underarm whitening laser treatment more comfortable by applying freezing cream and using forced-cold air. Moreover, we will provide the client with a special cream to prevent hyperpigmentation and help to soothe the area.

Underarm whitening results

Clients usually go through 3-To 4 sessions of the laser treatment, one session every two weeks to get these amazing results

Laser Resurfacing

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