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In this post, we will go through some interesting cases we had in the last couple of day at Albany Cosmetic and laser centre

Case No 1


Body shaping and fat removal

This gentleman came to us for fat removal and body shaping (coolsculpting and Coolshaping). The area of concern is the abdominal area, he is a perfect candidate for the fat removal and body shaping as his MBI was 27. We did two sessions 2 months and he lost 3 inches in his abdominal area.


Case No 2


Enlarged pores and skin rejuvenation

This lovely lady had an acne problem. she has breakouts from time to time, lately, she had the breakouts more frequently and she noticed that her skin is not glowing anymore and she is concerned about the pale color and the rough texture. We designed a special package of Microdermabrasion and Laser carbon peel to ensure that her skin is resurfaced. We can see the difference after two sessions!!! it is important to get the peeling going continuously thereafter.


Case No 3

microderm-laser-300x202 (1)

Acne and enlarged pores

This lovely young lady was feeling self-conscious about her skin quality. She is really concerned about her acne, pigmentation, skin color and enlarged pores. She has neglected her skin for a while… We designed a care package of Microdermabrasion followed by one Frexal treatment, and maintain the results with our 532 nano-second q-switch laser. We were so excited to see the patient for her follow up… she is almost a different patient with lots of confidence…

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation, We use the best laser and beauty machine in the industry and we have one of the best medical cosmetic staff in the whole worlds. Let’s help you shine again




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