What You Should Know About the Russian Lip Filler Technique Pucker up, baby! A new lip filler procedure has taken the world by storm and has become the go-to method for achieving a plumper pout. This method originated in Russia and has made it to Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton to give you your ideal lip fillers. This specialized method is a must-have for anybody seeking a flawlessly sculpted baby-doll appearance. Continue scrolling to learn more about Russian lip fillers and the key distinction between the Russian and regular lip filler techniques!

What Is the Russian Technique for Lip Fillers?

Russian lip fillers are inspired by their perfectly coiffed, painted lips and Russian nesting dolls. By injecting more volume and lift into the middle of the lips, the Russian procedure emphasizes the cupid’s bow while leaving the sides reasonably in line with the face. The outcome is doll-like while maintaining an appearance of natural fullness and plumpness. This shape model emphasizes the center of the lips rather than a wider volume, resulting in the ideal baby-doll appearance.
Additionally, if you’re interested in trying out Russian lips, it’s vital to remember that it’s preferable to dissolve all previous lip fillers two weeks in advance. This guarantees that the volume injected is entirely concentrated in the middle of the lips. (Note that dissolving does not apply if you already have Russian lip fillers and are only touching up and supplementing them.

What Is The Distinction Between The Standard And Russian Lip Filler Techniques?

Therefore, what is the critical distinction between conventional lip filler procedures and Russian lip filler techniques? Standard lip fillers are typically injected horizontally into the lip, giving a uniform volume and fullness distribution. To do the Russian filler procedure, on the other hand, your provider will use a smaller syringe and inject little quantities of filler vertically. Moreover, Dr. Kamal will concentrate the injections on the middle of the lips. Another significant distinction is that the Russian lip filler focuses on the lip center rather than providing general plumpness. Therefore, Russian Lip fillers create a heart-shaped appearance. Your Russian lip injection may take longer than a conventional lip filler visit because of the accuracy required to fill only a specific section of the lips. The process may take between thirty minutes to an hour and may cause extra bruising and swelling, perfectly normal and temporary. Your supplier will also be able to offer an actual schedule for the lifespan of your Russian lips, but in general, Russian lip fillers will last the same amount of time as normal lip fillers, between six and twelve months.

What Is the Best Place to Get Russian Lip Fillers?

Russian lip fillers are typically performed at the same med spa or wellness facility as standard fillers are performed. However, many establishments clinics in Edmonton do not serve them. Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is one of the few locations in Edmonton that offers the Russian lip filler treatment. For a complete selection of lip filler procedures, please visit our service menu, or schedule a consultation with one of our professional estheticians! Please refer to our revised COVID-19 policy for the most up-to-date information on safety procedures and sanitary precautions.

Before Russian lip fillers Edmonton After Russian lip fillers Edmonton
Before Russian lip fillers Edmonton After Russian lip fillers Edmonton


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