Pigmentation and melasma treatment by laser in Edmonton

Treating pigmentation, especially melasma, is tricky when using energy-based approaches such as the laser. Using energy directly on pigment or melasma lesion might result in a darker rebound pigmentation than the original lesion.
The clients need to understand that treating pigmentation is not easy. We are not discussing small lesions such as freckles, but we are talking about a large area of pigmentation such as melasma that covers a large part of the face in the form of patches. It is mainly seen in patches over cheeks, nose, and forehead. Using IPL is contraindicated in this case, as we need to use high-energy, low pulse laser beam such as Q-switch nanosecond laser.


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Is laser enough for pigmentation and melasma treatment

We do not recommend using energy directly on the lesion; the treatment has to follow a strict protocol that includes anti-tyrosinase or tyrosinase inhibitor, chemical peeling, mechanical peeling then laser treatment.

Usually, melanocytes get extra active before they undergo apoptosis after energy treatment. The overproduction of pigment melanin before the apoptosis phase. to prevent this phase, we need to make sure the cut the melanin production circuit by other methods before starting the laser treatment


Lightening creams

At Albany cosmetic center, we use a specially formulated cream that provides anti-tyrosinase, chemical peel, fruit acid peel, and skin lightening components. We usually advise the client to use this cream for the first two weeks of the protocol. We utilize microdermabrasion by silk peel in the third week using Lamyxal solution. This procedure provides both mechanical peeling and anti-tyrosinase activity. In the fourth week of the protocol, we apply a special poly-peptide solution with gentle micro-needling to further inhibit the pigmentation that gives melasma patches their dark color. After the 1-2 weeks break, the laser will be started. The cycle should be repeated as required, and treatment should be spaced away as per skin condition.


Dr. Kamal Alhallak

After gaining a Ph.D. in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) developed a special passion for cosmetic and aesthetic treatment. Challenging yet rewarding, Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) did special training in skincare and cosmetic injections and developed distinguished Botox and fillers injection skills. Albany cosmetic center has shown great results in all cosmetic fields such as wrinkle treatment, skin pigmentation, facelift with threads, Fraxel laser, skin tightening, fat reduction, tattoo removal, body shaping, acne treatment, acne scars, scar removal, under eyes circle correction, hair loss treatment, and laser hair removal.

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