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All you need to know about Fraxel Dual Laser treatment and its uses

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel laser is a type of fractional laser treatment. It is now, one of the most popular laser treatments out there. It is known for its instant results and cost-effectiveness. Fraxel laser treatment is potent, only one or few sessions needed for satisfying results. Although it takes around a week for recovery. Redness, skin peeling, and sunburn effects are the looks one may expect. The long-term effects are satisfying. The texture becomes perfect, skin lines evened. It also reduces sun damage if any.

The cost might seem heavy at a glance but think about it. All those treatments, lotions and creams that you consume over a decade. It costs more than this. And regular consumption of these supplements is harmful too. Reporting several side effects and irritation. Fraxel laser only needs a recovery time of a week. And the results are way impressive and visible. Some skins do not even need follow up and maintenance. So this can be a onetime thing for few.

How Fraxel laser works?

What Fraxel laser does is that it damages the skin around the intended spot. The damaged skin, healing itself also takes the expected place in it the natural way. So, the whole area gets fixed the natural way. Every treatment regenerates around twenty percent of skin. This non-ablative skin treatment is not harmful to the skin. It doesn’t burn the skin as the old laser treatments did. So, it requires less recovery time and is a healthy alternative. Mature skins are more vulnerable to damage. So, Fraxel laser is always advisable for mature skin.



What are the uses of Fraxel laser?

Fraxel laser is best for skin rejuvenation. It also evens scars and visible skin pores. Fraxel laser is also used for skin maintenance. Once or twice a year is enough for Fraxel treatment for maintaining your skin. Fraxel also happens to be the most recommended treatment by dermatologists. This treatment is perfect for post-summer skin as well. Reporting has highlighted that Fraxel demand increases during fall. Skin pigmentation is also improved during this procedure. Melasma is a common skin problem. Brown patches formation around the forehead, cheek, and nose, are a few symptoms. Fraxel treatment helps with this skin problem as well. Fraxel is also a great alternative to remove stretch marks. It Yeter to cure earlier and red stretch marks. Older stretch marks can also be removed with few Fraxel sessions. People usually use microdermabrasion to remove stretch marks. Which results in a costly and time-consuming process. And the results are way disappointing. Fraxel is now a better alternative with promising results.

Most of the times, it used for wrinkle and brown spot removal. Since it is a healing treatment. Along with that it also breaks up melanin. Melanin is responsible for the brown spots. So, this all-rounder treatment is purposeful. It is very useful for removing wrinkles in sensitive areas. Much can go wrong using other wrinkle removal methods. For instance, wrinkle around the eyes, a very sensitive part of the face. Reports have shown the damage to eyes using additional wrinkle removing techniques. With Fraxel laser, it’s quite the opposite. A careful treatment of wrinkle removal around the eyes is effective. It is also danger free. Forcing the cells to regenerate. This makes the muscles responsible for the wrinkle to produce again. Instead of filling the wrinkle with chemicals, as with other treatments. Fraxel heals them in a cosmetical better manner. Quite natural, the skin restores its wrinkle-free shape.

A combination of Fraxel laser and other chemical help remove tattoos as well. This technology and combination are contemporary. And the results are quite impressive. Earlier, patients had to go through many sessions. But combining Fraxel laser in the process also reduces the number of courses. Fraxel is also used for preventing acne. Yes, this time the use is for precaution rather than treatment. Since Fraxel first opens up the pores. It is an opportunity to apply any medication intended to penetrate deep into the skin. Vitamin C and other nutritions soak to the skin. These go deep down where they couldn’t have gone earlier. Benefiting the skin in ways unimaginable. Not only does this prevent skin from acne and even skin cancer. It is also a great way to rejuvenate skin.

Notable celebrities using Fraxel laser

Jennifer Lopez is a renowned artist. Although she has been in this field for more than three decades now. Her skin still looks as young as it was back then. The secret behind her youthful looking skin is the maintenance through Fraxel laser. She has also used Fraxel laser to remove stretch marks and wrinkles. Kerri-Anne Kennerley, an Australian celebrity. She calls Fraxel “my secret weapon”. She had a basal cell carcinoma which required medical treatment. That is when she got to know about Fraxel. Now she has an even complexion and has also researched about it. She endorses Fraxel because of its use as prevention of skin cancer.

Marie Claire has also gone through Fraxel laser sessions. She earlier had pore problems which she got treated via Fraxel laser. She educates people about the benefits and safety of Fraxel laser. Since Fraxel is non-ablative laser treatment. It gets extra points for being safe at the same time being effective. Marie Claire, also notes that it helps regrowth of collagen. Kim Kardashian has been open about her Fraxel use. She shared with Oprah her likeness of Fraxel laser. She uses Fraxel to remove fine lines and increase skin brightness. She emphasizes the benefits of Fraxel for sun damage repair.

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