Nasolabial Correction with Juvederm fillers in Edmonton


Nasolabial folds:

Men and women share some aging signs such as Malar resorption, loss of volume and nasolabial folds . They affect the facial expression and impact it negatively. A person with deep nasolabial folds will give an expression that he/she is sad all the time and this might affect his social connections and ability to blend. It might also cause other people to misread his/her feeling and expressions and reflect the wrong impression. The formation of nasolabial is usually gradual, with some exception such as sudden weight loss. The reason behind folds in general in loss of volume, thining of skin, loss of skin elasticity, and the inability of the skin to produce enough fibers and collagen.



The correction of nasolabial folds is mainly performed using Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.  HA fillers are considered number one fillers in the aesthetic field. The over a great selection of different consistency that allows the injector to place them in a deep or superficial plane as required. They have a great safety profile in most of the patients and they are totally dissolvable in case of client dissatisfaction or adverse reaction. After injections, the period that fillers stay varies from client to client. It relies mainly on the degree of cross-linking of HA, higher grade fillers such as Juvederm Volume or Restylane Volym last longer than thinner grade such as Juvederm Volift of Restylane Refyne. Different fillers can be used for different facial corrections such as lip augmentations, under eyes folds, and cheek augmentation. In nasolabial folds, we usually restore the volume of the cheeks by placing the filler to augment the Malar prominence. We also place a thin layer of filler medial to the labial folds

Injection technique:

We used to rely on sharp needles for all filler injections. Recently,  most injectors started to feel more comfortable using the blunt cannula to reduce bruising and give a better safety profile. The blunt cannula is a great addition especially if the fillers are going to be placed in different layers and over a wide area, However, the precision of filler placement is less than it is in the with sharp needles.

Nasolabial folds correction with fillers

Nasolabial fold for this lovely lady done with a blunt cannula. We placed Multi-layer of fillers to give her a better Malar prominence and help straighten the nasolabial folds. Dr. Alhallak (PhD in Pharmacy) also placed a thin layer of Volume in a deep place medial to the folds. We took the picture after the procedure. It will take two weeks to see full results


results showed on our website vary from patient to patient. We cannot guarantee any results

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