Nasolabial folds Fillers in Edmonton

Men and women exhibit gradual signs of aging, such as malar resorption, volume loss, and nasolabial folds. They have an adverse effect on facial expression. A person with deep nasolabial folds will constantly express sadness, affecting his social connections and ability to blend. Additionally, it may cause others to misread their feelings and expressions, thereby reflecting the incorrect impression. The nasolabial fold typically develops gradually, with some exceptions, such as rapid weight loss. The cause of folds, in general, is volume loss, skin thinning, loss of skin elasticity, and the skin’s inability to produce enough fibers and collagen.



Nasolabial folds are primarily treated with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. HA fillers are widely regarded as the most effective fillers in the aesthetic field. The wide variety of consistency options enables the injector to place them in either a deep or superficial plane. They have a favorable safety profile in most patients and are reversible in the event of client dissatisfaction or an adverse reaction. Following injections, the duration of fillers varies by client. It is largely dependent on the degree of cross-linking of HA; higher-grade fillers such as Juvederm Volume or Restylane Volym will last longer than lower-grade fillers such as Juvederm Volift or Restylane Refyne. Different fillers can correct various aspects of the face, including lip augmentation, under-eye folds, and cheek augmentation. We typically restore cheek volume in nasolabial folds by augmenting the Malar prominence with filler. Additionally, a thin filler layer is applied medially to the labial folds.

nasolabial fillers


Injection technique:

We used to rely on sharp needles for all filler injections. However, Dr. Alhallak was one of the first injectors to begin using the blunt cannula to reduce bruising and provide a better safety profile. The blunt cannula is a great addition, especially if the fillers will be placed in different layers and over a large area; however, the precision of filler placement is less than with sharp needles.

A blunt cannula was used to perform this lovely lady’s nasolabial fold. We used a multi-layer of fillers to give her more Malar prominence and to help straighten her nasolabial folds. Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) also added a thin volume layer in a deep area medial to the folds. We took the photo after the procedure. It will take two weeks to see the full results.