how much lip fillers cost


I have always been curious about lip filler injection in Edmonton. How they work, if they work, where to get them and of course how much they cost. Two years ago, I got my first cosmetic treatment (Vampire Facial).  Viola! It made my skin looked beautiful. Then it struck me; I can also make my lips full too!  So I gave lip injections a try last year — and now I love them.

How much lip fillers cost


How to get ready for the treatment

Okay, so you get lip augmentation, right? "Lip fillers are good for people who want to change the shape of their lips. It's also perfect for those who want to plump their aging lips," explains Dr. Kamal. (PhD in Pharmacy) "You can also smooth out an irregular shape," he says

Before you see a doctor, it's essential to find the right person to do the treatment. Make sure to read the reviews and look at the before and after.

Also, he suggests someone who practices cosmetic treatments. Yes, you can have a natural look with lips injections.

Most people feel lips fillers don't give a natural look. But it often happens when you do too much. And using a doctor who gives unrealistic discounts is a recipe for disaster.

 "If you use a trained, licensed aesthetic injector who knows the facial anatomy, your results will look natural," explains Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy).


lip fillers Edmonton

The cost of lip injections

Lip augmentation done by a trained pro can cost about $500 to $2,000. This might be expensive for some — but for a treatment that affects the looks of your face, you wouldn't want to skimp, right?

Further, ensure you get lip injections because you want to. Don't do it to please anyone. I love experimenting, and that's why I had my lips done. It's not because I felt insecure about my look. And of course, no one told me to. Indeed, I could apply makeup to make my lips look plump. But I was interested to know how lip fillers work and feel.

The risks involved

Just like other procedures, there are risks involved. You must know the risks involved before undergoing the treatment.

 "Every procedure comes with risks, but the risks associated with lip fillers are minimal," explains Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy). "You may experience redness, swelling, bruising — these are the most common side effects of lip augmentation."

I had some bruising, swelling, and redness from the procedure, which disappeared after a few days. We'll discuss the side effects in detail in a minute.

But first, there's a general fear that your lips will look awful if you stop getting fillers. But this isn't true. "Your pout will not get wrinkly and saggy if you stop the treatment," says Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy). "Your lips will only return to its normal shape before you began the lip injection."

Before getting lip filler injection in Edmonton

When I visited Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy), we talked about the type of look I want to achieve. First, I said I want a Kim Zolciak’s lip.

But, Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) told me that if I go big, my lips will end up looking unnatural. I think I needed that advice and I received it with a smile. Although I'm not ashamed of my lip injections, I don't want anyone to give me an evil eye. I also don't want them to say "oops she has a lot of filler in her lips."

The moment we settled on the desired volume and shape, Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) applied a topical anesthetic on my lips. This will help minimize pain during the procedure. Other doctors use an injection to numb the target area.

I waited for about 20 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect. Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) told me that he would use filler made of hyaluronic acid (Juvederm Ultra XC). He said he used the filler because it would last 3 to 6 months.

Getting Injected

During the treatment, I was pretty calm. I couldn't wait to see my new lips - I was anxious to see how it would turn out.

But trust me, the needle can be intimidating. It felt so when the doctor brought it close towards my face.

With a syringe, Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) injected the filler into my bottom and top lips. Any time it got into my lip, I felt a little prick. But that's only what you'll feel, surprisingly. In a pinch, you'll feel a mild pinch.

It's similar to the sensation you'll feel when you press your skin with a pencil tip. In about a few minutes, Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) finished the procedure. Next, he massaged my lips a bit to shape them. After seeing my lips, I was in awe — I totally loved them.

After the lip injection

After the treatment, I left Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) office, and I felt good. I didn't need any pain reliever or ointments. Avoid taking any blood thinners before and after the treatment as they can thin your blood.

The side effects

I experienced minimal pain after the tropical anesthetic worn off. Also, I noticed a bit of tenderness and bruising around the area. But after some days, the pain was gone, including the redness and bruises.

As such, the side effects lasted about 6 days. To cover the bruising and redness, I'll apply red lipstick. In fact, after getting lip injections, I resumed my usual activities. All I got afterward were compliments.

In essence, my lips remained full for a while and until I got my second lip injection in Edmonton. So if you're looking to get your lips done, visit Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) to discuss your expectations.


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