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In our present-day society, having a perfect look is so important – from the shape of the lip to how full they look. Every spot, part, or feature has to be accentuated to perfection.  Lips are often described as the most beautiful feature of the face. No wonder they attract more cosmetic procedures than other features. Lip fillers are substances injected into the lips during a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure to give them a fuller or enlarged appearance. Furthermore, Lip fillers are also a form of lip augmentation which leads to a plumper lip, and it is done using injections.

Fuller lips improve the visual image of a person with a youthful allure. It is interesting to note that cosmetic procedures aimed at filling the lips have long existed. However, with the advancement of cosmetic procedures, more products and techniques are now developed with increased success. You can now flaunt a beautiful and supple lip like your favorite celebrity.


Types of Lips Fillers


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers are created to plump the lips, and results are seen immediately after the procedure. However, this lip augmentation lasts between 6-8 months. More injections are needed to maintain the size and appearance of the lips. You may want to try out hyaluronic fillers like:

  • Restylane Defyn: The filler creates a gentle appearance through little plumping, it is a perfect choice for jawline contouring and nasolabial fold filling
  • Restyle refine: small particles and low water absorbance are perfect for tear troughs and under the eye.
  • Restylane Kyss: It is the perfect balance between viscosity porosity for lips. It is our favorite for lips augmentation.


How does it change the face?

  • It gives a more attractive look coupled with fuller lips
  • The lips and surrounding skin take on a firm volume.
  • There are fewer bruises connected with hyaluronic acid.

Lip enhancement is a critical component of facial rejuvenation. Our bodies create less collagen as we age, and the mouth loses volume. Lips get thinner, lip corners droop, and the curving and appealing Cupid’s bow becomes flat. Gravity causes the upper lip to extend and the lower lip to descend. Sun exposure can cause the skin to become dry, discolored, and develop brown patches. Lip lines and creases around the mouth develop due to regular facial movement. Women who do not smoke will find that their lipstick “bleeds” into these creases as they age.  Thus, the lips cannot be overlooked when it comes to full-face rejuvenation. To learn more about lip augmentation choices, contact Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton


How Is Lip Augmentation Performed?

Lip augmentation can be used to address genetically thin lips, excessive teeth, or gum shown in male and female patients through smiling and animation. Lip augmentation can be used to correct asymmetries in one or both lips. Lip operations can correct trauma, scarring, or congenital defects.

In the not-too-distant past, women regularly enlarged their lips beyond normal dimensions in reaction to media images of beautiful women with naturally big lips, such as Angelina Jolie and top models. The trend appears to have subsided somewhat due to too many persons sporting unflattering “overdone” lips with an artificial duck-like look.

Consider actress Lisa Rinna, famed for her silicone-injected deformed and artificial lips. Numerous anecdotes and photographs of “lips went awry” have contributed to women refraining from overdoing it with lip injections.

Lip augmentation aims to create an attractive shape with young, age-appropriate proportions while maintaining naturalness. Enhance the Cupid’s bow and upper lip philtral columns. The red bottom lip should have a natural fullness. Because the lower lip is nearly always somewhat bigger than the upper lip anatomically, this balance should be maintained. In an ideal world, no one would realize that surgery to improve the lips was performed. The results should be in keeping with the rest of your face, not distracting or out of proportion.

Additionally, a beautiful mouth and smile are contingent on the health of the underlying teeth, which is frequently disregarded. If the underlying teeth are crooked or in poor condition, lip augmentation will only go so far. If required, structural support of the lips with orthodontics and/or veneers should always be explored to enhance the effect of lip augmentation. It is critical to maintain an age-appropriate vertical anterior tooth presentation in a resting position and during regular conversation. If the increased volume conceals all teeth when smiling, lip augmentation may not be visually attractive.

Lip augmentation can be performed as a stand-alone operation or in conjunction with any other cosmetic surgical procedure. Are you curious about the cost? Dr. Hayley Brown charges $700 per syringe for lip augmentation. We will ensure that you receive a definitive pricing estimate on your visit to our office. There are several financing and payment options available.


Lip Enhancement: Fillers

Fillers are undoubtedly the safest and most dependable form of lip enhancement. Additionally, they are flexible, forgiving, and correctable if a patient desires a little adjustment. They can be done in the office with minimal downtime or in surgery as an adjuvant to other procedures, such as a facelift.

Numerous injectable fillers are available to augment the lips and cure related lip creases and downturned mouth corners. The majority of fillers last between 6 and 9 months, as the lips are quite mobile and the substance surrounding the mouth is digested rather fast. Juvederm is perhaps the greatest product available since the effects are natural, typically imperceptible, and manageable, and the lifetime in the lips is somewhat longer than with other hyaluronic acid treatments such as Restylane.

Belotero is excellent for smoothing down small vertical lip wrinkles around the mouth. Due to the extremely high risk of nodules and problems, Sculptra, Radiesse, Radiance, Artecoll, Artefill, and Silicone, among others, are not suitable to use around the mouth.


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