Hair removal prices in Edmonton

laser hair removal Edmonton
laser hair removal Edmonton

Price List for hair removal by Laser in Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal Price for men and women

Abdomen $ 75.00

Arms Full $ 200.00

Arms Half $ 120.00

Back and Chest $ 400.00

Back or Chest $ 250.00

Bikini $ 95.00

Brazilian $ 200.00

Bum $ 200.00

Ear $ 50.00

Full Face $ 175.00

Hand $50.00

Leg Full $ 325.00

Leg Half $ 175.00

Men’s Cheek $ 75.00

Neck and Side Burns: $ 175.00

Neck $ 100.00

Side Burns $ 75.00

Underarms $ 95.00

Upper Lip and Cheek $ 100.00

Upper Lip or Chin $ 50.00


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