Laser Carbon peel in Edmonton

Laser Carbon peel in Edmonton

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre is one of a few Laser and cosmetic clinics in Edmonton that offers the original Laser carbon peel.

Why are we different from other Laser centers?

We use the original Lutronic Spectra Laser. The Korean Laser is the best nano-second laser in the industry. It has several wavelengths to fit all skin types and offers different indications, such as tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening. The laser beams are controlled with patent technology for maximum safety and efficacy.

What is Laser Carbon Peel In Edmonton?

It is a treatment that uses a mask of colloidal carbon that works as a chromophore. The first pass of the laser pushes the carbon particles into the skin, and the second pass evaporates the particle to heal the skin from deep inside.

What are the indications for laser Carbon Peel in Edmonton?

Laser carbon peel is a gentle yet strong laser peel; it helps in skin tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, oily skin treatment, and skin oil removal, shrinks enlarged pores and removes dead skin, restoring skin’s glowing and shining appearance.

Is Laser Cabron Peel Safe in Edmonton?

Yes, it is considered one of the safest laser facial peels. Choosing an expert clinic that uses an original laser machine as such spectra Laser is important. This Laser treatment has no downtime. General Laser precautions should be followed after the Laser Carbon Peel.

How long does the effect of Laser Carbon peel last?

It depends on how you take care of your skin after. If you use good skincare products and a good skin-cleaning protocol, The results should last six months.

How much is treatment in Edmonton?

The regular price for Laser Carbon Peel is around $350. Albany Cosmetic and Laser center offer seasonal discounts to help our client get their treatment at a discounted price.

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About the Author

Kamal Alhallak, Ph.D. in Pharmacy, MBA

Dr. Alhallak has established himself as a leading figure in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics, notably in the Canadian healthcare industry. In 2016, he established the Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center, which offers patients cutting-edge procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, IPL photofacials, neurotoxic and dermal fillers, and more. Because of its mix of cutting-edge technology and individualised attention from Dr. Alhallak, the facility has become one of Alberta's most popular places for aesthetic care and laser research. Dr. Alhallak was designated one of the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders by the International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH) in 2021.

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