IPL for Hair Removal in Edmonton

IPL for Hair Removal in Edmonton

Intense pulsed light or IPL is the best alternative to laser methods for hair removal. It is a new and simplified method for removing facial and body hair that you may not want. Today, IPL hair removal has proven to be as safe and effective as the actual laser removal and costs only a fraction of the price you can pay for the laser.

Originally, IPL was developed and used only for medical and aesthetic purposes until it was found that in addition to the condition of the patient's skin, it left a reduced amount of hair in the treatment area.

How does IPL for hair removal works in Edmonton?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and uses a broad-spectrum visible light source. This light is specially regulated to eliminate shorter wavelengths and is designed to point to specific structures.

In hair removal, it is designed to attack the melanin pigment in the hair, while in other applications, such as the treatment of spinal veins, it is directed to the hemoglobin of the blood.

The light energy is absorbed and transferred as thermal energy that warms the hair and damages the follicle.

IPL eliminates the hair by modifying the energy of the light into heat. The intense heat stops the growth of the hair so that they are permanently removed from your body and do not grow back.

IPL treatments are generally more economical, but in reality, they are also much faster than laser hair removal, because they can treat a larger part of the body in one session.

Although women are the primary people looking for IPL treatments, it is also a fast-growing trend for men who also have areas where they can benefit from IPL hair removal treatments.

Almost all body parts can be treated when using the IPL method. The most common places where men and women want to have hair removed are:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Armpits
  • Back

A session that can permanently remove a part of the limbs from a hair usually lasts fifteen to thirty minutes.

Different types of IPL machines are used for different types of skin and skin tones, which means that IPL hair removal is a tailor-made solution for a problem that has been a concern for men and women for years.

IPL hair removal is not laser hair removal, but in many cases, it is better, more effective and much more affordable.

Advantages of IPL for hair removal in Edmonton

There are some advantages to choosing IPL for hair removal compared to other methods:

  • Fast and simple: IPL devices have a relatively large treatment window and can quickly cover large areas (compared to laser or electrolysis). Usually, it will probably take about 10 to 15 minutes for an entire stage.
  • There is no unsightly regrowth: you can shave between treatments and, unlike waxing, epilating or using depilatories, hair does not have to grow at all for IPL to be effective.
  • No ingrown hairs: the IPL avoids the risk of ingrown hairs encountered with other methods, such as hair removal and shaving.
  • Permanent Results: Over time, you should see a permanent reduction in hair growth if you continue the treatments. The amount of treatment required will be reduced and the time between treatments will increase.
  • A clearer regrowth: the hair that regrows will be lighter, thinner and less comfortable to see.

What can be achieved with IPL hair removal?

It is very effective hair removal, one of the best on the market and permanent or semi-permanent hair removal (permanent in 90% of the body) of unwanted hair.

Are IPL hair removal sessions painful?

No, and there are no significant contraindications. You will only feel a little hot and maybe experience a little reddening.

What is the difference between IPL hair removal, laser hair removal, and electrolysis?

IPL is more efficient than laser, especially because the types of hair that can be removed are larger. With IPL hair removal, it is possible to treat a large area in a single session, and the treatment is much faster than electrolysis, where the treatment must be applied separately to each hair.

How long does it take to see the results?

IPL is effective from the first session, in which you can get lessening in unwanted hair of 30%. For a permanent result, you need at least six sessions.

Is permanent IPL hair removal effective in all types of skin and hair?

The treatment does not work with gray, blond or dyed hair. New machines can help solve this problem, but it's too early to know.

What is the best combination of hair and skin for successful hair removal?

The best combination is light skin and dark hair, as melanin concentrates only on the hair and absorbs all the light.

Dark skin is not good for IPL because it also contains melanin and absorbs light that could cause burns. It is strongly recommended not to tan before undergoing IPL hair removal.

How long does it take?

One of the best things about IPL hair removal is that it takes a short time to complete. The entire back can be treated in 30 minutes in some cases. Smaller areas can be realized in less time.

This is an excellent option for those who need a quick fix for hair growth. Remember that the total number of sessions required depends on the hair growth cycle and the density of the hair being removed.

Who should not have done it?

Although IPL laser hair removal offers excellent results for most people, some people should not undergo this treatment.

People with diabetes may not be good candidates for this type of hair removal because they are more prone to infections than others. Although this treatment is usually safe enough, people with diabetes may react differently when it is applied.

Candidates for this treatment

Laser hair removal does not work well with people with light hair or dark complexions. However, IPL hair removal is different. It is effective in all skin colors and works in all hair colors except white hair.

This means that almost everyone can benefit from the excellent results of IPL treatment. Please note that people are sunbathing or in the sun must wait a few weeks before attempting to prevent skin damage.

Where can IPL hair removal be applied?

IPL is an excellent epilator for the face (sideburns, upper lip) and arms and legs, including underarms. Pregnant or breastfeeding women cannot have IPL.

Risks and side effects

Then, after reading the above, you will be forgiven for feeling a little worried about all this and wondering if it's not a bit risky.

The truth is that even though there are common side effects, they are usually mild and transient. However, you must take certain precautions, and the IPL is not right for everyone.

Common side effects

After treatment with IPL, it is not uncommon to experience mild tenderness and redness of the skin, possibly accompanied by very slight inflammation.

This can be mitigated by applying a softening and refreshing antiseptic gel, which should be removed within one to two days.

You may also see a slight change in pigment (darker or lighter spots), which should disappear within a few weeks.

Risks: when the IPL hair removal is not suitable

IPL hair removal is historically the most suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair and, although many technological advances have been made to extend the range of IPL; this is still generally the case.

Indeed, there is a strong contrast between melanin in the skin and the target of the hair follicle. If the skin has a darker shade, melanin may absorb light from the skin and follicle, which can cause severe burns, blisters, and scars in severe cases.

Is IPL hair removal for you?

Is IPL hair removal for you? Maybe If your hair is red, white or gray, sorry, it will not work.

If you have fine blonde hair, the results may not be impressive. In general, however, there seems to be a constant assessment of customer satisfaction.

In some cases, permanent hair growth ceases; other cases, treatment may be required every six months or as needed.

This may depend on certain variables, such as the characteristics of the hair and skin, the therapist's use of the equipment and intensity, and his preference for the frequency with which he wishes the treatment to be performed.

A thorough consultation is necessary before starting treatment. The therapist must know your needs and expectations, and you must know realistically what the therapist can do for you.

So, if you've been tempted to get IPL hair removal for a body part you want hairless, why not visit your local clinics to get an idea of the price and level of professionalism?

Many prefer IPL hair removal to laser hair removal because there seems to be less risk of skin reaction and, because of the variable wavelength used, it can be faster and take fewer sessions.

This is undoubtedly a relief after years of frequent hair removal and impractical by other methods.

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