Some notes about Fraxel Dual Laser treatment and its uses

What is Fraxel?

Well-known for its effectiveness and instant results. Fraxel is one of the most famous laser treatments available. It uses a kind of fractional laser treatment for amazing results with relatively short downtime. Since this treatment is incredibly powerful, only a few sessions are required for satisfying results. While some users experience skin peeling, redness and sunburn effects. The satisfying and longer lasting results, overcome those side effects. Well-known for reducing sun damage as well as evening skin lines. This treatment is best for giving your skin the texture it deserves.

While the recovery time is a week, the recovery process can be enhanced by applying a mask of plasma directly after the treatment. As always said “no pain, no gain” serious skin problem needs a might laser machine such as Fraxel. Gentler laser machines such as Lutronic Spectra Q-switch laser is available for less serve skin problem such as fine wrinkles.

How Fraxel works?

The amazing laser technology uses skin regeneration method. By initially damaging the skin around the intended area. When the skin regrows, taking in with it the already damaged or wrinkle area. The whole is then growing a fresher and newer skin, regenerating around 20% of new skin! This treatment is recommended for the mature demographic. Older alternatives using this technology would burn the skin. But with Fraxel’s latest non-ablative technology. No such burns occur. And the recovery time is quite early comparatively too!

What are the uses of Fraxel?

Fraxel treatments are recommended by dermatologists and aesthetics. They have a wide variety of uses. Ranging from the damaged skin to scars. To visible pores and skin maintenance. Well-known for skin rejuvenation. The skin maintenance only requires yearly or half-yearly sessions. A recent poll highlighted its increased usage during the fall season. Upon investigation, it was realized that Fraxel is one of the best solutions to sun damage.

It is known to cure some skin diseases as well. For example, Melasma’s brown patches on the face can easily be cured using this treatment. Fraxel is well known for its stretch marks removal as well. The early stretch marks, usually red. Are easily removed. However, older ones may require multiple Fraxel sessions. Fraxel laser is a great alternative to microdermabrasion for stretch marks, as that may not even give the required result. And consume way more time and money.

This all-rounder method is very effective for removing wrinkles. For which it was initially intended to be used for. Promising results and smoother skin are achieved. Removing brown spots at the same time. Due to its quality of breaking up melanin properly. Many alternative methods for wrinkle removals. Especially those around sensitive areas like the crow feet around eyes. Are reported to be dangerous. But Fraxel ensures the safety of such sensitive areas too. Carefully removing the wrinkles perfectly around areas as sensitive as eyes. While other alternatives to chemical injections increase the risk of danger dramatically. Since Fraxel only regenerates skin. Naturally grown skin gives the best result. And a smoother more fresh skin than before. There’s no need of harmful injections and chemicals around sensitive areas.

A new method is used now for removing tattoos. It requires the involvement of Fraxel laser along with other procedures. The involvement of Fraxel ensures better and faster results. And the skin is naturally healed. As if that is never had a tattoo. Reducing the number of sessions also save a lot of time and energy. Since Fraxel intentionally damages the skin and opens pores. Acne can also be well prevented. By applying medication to open pores. Ensuring they emerge deep in the skin where intended. This prevention use of Fraxel is a great way to escape cures. There are many other preventions too. Fraxel is also known for preventing skin cancers as well. Such a method is used where proper vitamin and nutrients are applied to open pores. This settles deep down the skin. A newer skin grows over the medication in no time. Ensuring lasting medicinal effect.

Notable celebrities using Fraxel

A well-known figure, Marie Claire. Educates her fans on the benefits of Fraxel. Since she had personal experience due to her skin pore problem. Fraxel’s non-ablative feature makes it one of the safest yet effective treatments. Skin regrowth is healthy for body and Fraxel helps with collagen regrowth too.

Another popular celebrity, Kim Kardashian has shared her opinion regarding Fraxel. Not once, but several times. In a show with Oprah, she discussed the benefits of Fraxel too. Her emphasis was based on Fraxel’s sun damaged skin healing capabilities. She is personally thankful to Fraxel for removing the fine line. She also appreciates Fraxel for its skin brightening abilities.

Fraxel is my secret weapon. As said by Australia’s celebrity Kerri-Anne Kennerley. She went through medical treatment. And nothing could cure her as well as Fraxel did. Upon research, she discovered Fraxel’s skin cancer prevention. Since then she is a great fan. Now she educates people regarding the benefits of Fraxel.

The secret behind Jennifer Lopez’s young looking skin is not hidden anymore. As she has announced the use of Fraxel. Through which she not only maintains a fresh look, but Fraxel has also cured her wrinkles and stretch marks quite effectively.


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