Botox injection for forehead wrinkles in Edmonton


Botox injection for forehead wrinkles in Edmonton: Using Botox and fillers together is an amazing combination. The Botox will relax the muscles, and the fillers will fill the lost volume at the dermal plane.




As shown in the diagram, as our skin ages, it loses its elasticity and volume. The specific location of the wrinkles is related to the anatomical components of the area. Usually, wrinkles occur according to the muscle contraction and relaxation orientation. The repetitive movement of the mentalis muscle in the front head as we express our emotions daily, along with the aging factors, results in wrinkles. Think of our skin as a paper; if w fold it and straighten it, then fold it and straighten it again over 30 years a couple of times a day, the hinges of the folds will become permanent, and even if you try to straighten the paper, you will not be able. Our skin has a compensation mechanism; this mechanism gets less efficient over time. Using Botox injection in the forehead is to relax the mentalis muscle to stop repeating “the folding process.” Using the fillers at the dermal plane helps fill the volume lost under the wrinkle.

Using Botox is effective in the early stages when the wrinkles are dynamic (wrinkles appear only when the muscle contract and we show expressions), but once the wrinkles are turned into static (they always appear regardless of muscle status), then fillers are needed. Using Botox in the early stage helps stop wrinkles from advancing from dynamic to static.


As you can see, using botox along with fillers will help skin tighten on the forehead and erase some years from your face.

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Other uses of Botox are face-slimming and injection of Botox into the masseter muscle, resulting in the face feature being all pulled up in a V shape.

It is important to take care of your skin to avoid deep static wrinkles. This includes continuous moisturizing, chemical and laser peels, sunscreen, and avoiding tanning.

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