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Best CoolSculpting 

Best CoolSculpting 

How many times have you heard of the terms "coolsculpting" "fat freezing"? have you wondered how fat freezing help body slimming and fat removal? If the answer is yes, then please continuing this 2-minute reading to know how CoolSculpting helps fat removal in the treated areas.


Cellulite removal

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a body FDA cleared machine that works via the concept of cryolipolysis which is the scientific term for fat freezing cryolipolysis as a word has two syllabi, "Cryo" which means freezing and "lipolysis" which means fat dissolving. As you probably know, body tissues are made of a different group of cells, in other words, similar cells groups together to forms layers and the layers forms tissues. This infographic gives some more info about cryolipolysis


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The type of the cells determines the tissue functionality and importance. For example, three distinguished layers made the skin; epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. Even though very thin, the epidermis compromised of thousands of keratinocytes layers that help to protect us for external foes and radiation. So why fat cells are essential? Fat tissues made of adipocytes (fat cells) serves as scaffolds to hold some organs and as energy reserves.


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Fat cells are different

Because adipocytes are full of oily materials, its physical properties (mainly the melting and freezing points) are different from other cells. It has been shown that fatty tissues work as insulation and retain the heat more efficiently. Therefore, it is more affected by temperature changes (heating and cooling). In other words, it would be easier to freeze the fatty tissue in comparison with other aqueous body tissues. The principle of cryolipolysis works on targeting the fatty tissues with decreasing temperature until it is frozen and kept frozen for enough time to induce cell death without hurting the skin.


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What may CoolSculpting treat

CoolSculpting treats unwanted fat in any part of the body that can be attached to its handles. The fat reduction procedure starts with marking the area and choosing the right handle (there are different sizes and shapes). The handle sucks stubborn fats in the treatment areas and begins the freezing process. To avoid any side effect of the process, we apply a special aqueous anti-freezing membrane to protect the skin surface.


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What areas can coolsculpting procedure treat?

CoolSculpting has long-term dramatic results in treating double chin, love handles, upper arms, belly fats, inner and outer thighs. After going through the fat freezing procedure, the targeted areas start to lose the fat cells gradually through the lymph drainage.


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Are the results instantaneous?

No, most of the client see results after four weeks. However, it takes 8-12 weeks to see the full results

Is everyone a good candidate for coolsculpting?

No, clients with BMI over 30 (overweight but not obese) are not good candidates for the treatment. Other contraindications are uncontrolled diabetes, low oxygenation, skin condition like eczema on the treated area.


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What are the side effects?

If the technician performed the treatment correctly, then there will be no long-term side effects. Come short-term and temporary side effects are mainly due to the local reaction of the treated areas such as itchiness, pain, bruising. However, if the technician did not set the right settings or forgot to put the membrane, then a frostbite and nerve damage might happen.

Do clients lose weight with coolsculpting?

No, we do not expect you to lose weight with the treatment. However, clients will experience size changes and inches loss. It is essential to understand that this is not a weight loss treatment, but rather a body contouring treatment to target specific areas such as double chin and love handles

How long do the results last?

The results are long-term and long-lasting unless the client gained weight significantly.

How much is the coolsculpting treatment?

The price of the treatment depends mainly on the area and handles. the average treatment is $1000. We offer different bundles and discounts to make the treatment more affordable. We also combined the coolsculpting with other treatment such as Kuma shape and sculpsure to provide best results and treatment for our clients in Edmonton

Is CoolSculpting safe?

Yes, FDA cleared the Coolscupting machine! So what is the difference between FDA cleared and FDA approved! FDA cleared means that FDA investigations focused on the safety of the treatment rather than the efficacy. But does that mean that the machine is not useful? No, FDA approval concentrates mainly on the newly discovered medications.

Does insurance cover coolsculpting?

Most probably, no. Coolsculpting treatment is a cosmetic procedure. We will provide you with an official receipt, and you can try to submit to the insurance or claim it on your tax

Do I need a special diet and exercise program?

No, but we always encourage a healthy lifestyle to help to have better results. You can think of the treatment as a jump start that encourages you to continue on the dieting and exercise.

What if the coolsculpting did not work, what is next?

if you did not get the result of coolsculpting, then we can provide you with some other treatment such as velashape and sculpsure as you are most probably cryolipolysis resistant ( 1-2% of the population are indeed cryolipolysis resistant )

I made up my mind; I want to go through the coolsculpting process!

The next step is to book a free consultation in order to discuss your case specifically. We will take your medical history and measure the treated areas. We will measure your oxygenation and provide you with before and after care instruction.

I still have questions, what do I do?

We can also schedule a free consultation or a phone call with one of our certified technicians to answer all the questions you have.

Do you offer payment plans for coolsculpting as I cannot offer to pay the treatment in full?

Yes, we partnered with smart health program to finance all our treatment through affordable monthly payment over 6-12 months.

Why choosing Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre for my body shaping treatment?

Our loyalty is for clients not for companies; we are not competing for title or bonus from a manufacturer. Therefore, we will provide honest advice, and we will tell you what works for you. We worked with thousands of clients to get them the results they always wished for.

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