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Any cosmetic clinic can provide a silhouette facelift, the most advanced non-surgical facelift available today. They are made of biodegradable sutures. So, they tighten and have gradual regenerative effects.
Thread lifts are non-surgical procedures that use threads to lift and strategically rearrange the skin. As the threads are a foreign substance, they increase the production of collagen, elastin, and binding tissue synthesis. In conclusion, they stimulate your body’s healing response. By producing these components naturally, your body can retain the benefits of your thread lift.

What is a thread facelift?

A thread lift uses barbed suture threads made of polymers, which are inserted under the skin to improve the shape of the face. The threads are medical devices, so we use only Health Canada approved brands. Polymers such as PDO and PLLA are biodegradable and dissolve slowly over 12-24 months.

The use of threads for cosmetic purposes started in the late 90s. However, Canada was behind in adopting this procedure. Inserting a thread is a simple yet challenging procedure.  As shown in thin video, the threads are inserted using a cannula and then tucked under the skin.

What are the side effects of this procedure?

There is usually bruising and swelling for a week after the procedure. But although this depends on the type of skin you have.

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