Non surgical tummy tuck

Non surgical tummy tuck using Fotona Tightsculpting is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive laser treatment that effectively reduces fat, sculpts, transforms, and tightens any body area. Fotona Tightsculpting is safe and comfortable and yields highly effective results for patients who have tried other methods and struggle with minor skin laxity or stubborn fat.

What Is Fotona Tightsculpting?

Fotona Tightsculpting is a non-invasive, dual-wavelength laser treatment system that delivers controlled heat to targeted areas, allowing skin tightening and sculpting across many body areas. The dual modes work synergistically to create an excellent result for all body types. At the same time, the laser tightens the skin by generating new collagen, resulting in improved contour, laxity, and elasticity in the treated areas. In non-surgical tummy tucks, this laser works perfectly.

Case 1060

A female in her early 40s came in with concerns regarding her abdomen area. Post childbirth, she was left with loose, wrinkly skin. After her consult and keeping her medical history in mind, we decided the best treatment for this patient is Fotona Tightsculpting which would give the best results. We recommended 4-6 sessions one month apart to maintain these results. This specific treatment can be done in 30 minutes to an hour and is painless; therefore, no numbing was required.

Tummy Tuck using laser 

We used the L-runner at 1.2Wcm2 for 15 minutes until we hit 40 degrees over the concerned area, then switched to the T-runner for only 6 passes. To reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth the skin’s surface, we applied Endor Anti-Cellulite cream directly after the treatment. Post-care tummy tuck treatment instructions include no hot showers or baths and no working out for the rest of the day because we don’t want any more heat targeted on that area. We recommend using the Endor Anti-Cellulite cream for at-home use, but it is not mandatory.


Each session is $600.00, but you might need between 3-6 sessions.

Side effects

The main side effects are tenderness and redness, which lasts up to 4-5 days. However, it varies with each person, depending on their skin type.

Laser Tummy tuck before and after 

These are tummy tuck before and after pictures that were taken four weeks post one session. You can see results in just a few weeks after the first session.




before non surgical tummy- tuck after non surgical tummy- tuck

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