non surgical tummy tuck edmonton

non surgical tummy tuck in Edmonton

Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Alternatives

There are a couple of alternatives to surgical tummy tuck in Edmonton that remove stubborn fat and tighten the skin. It is important that coolsculpting works only on fats without providing any skin tightening benefits. Three non-invasive therapies might work for you.

  • Radio Cellulite Therapy

This is a non-invasive treatment that could be effective for individuals who wish to minimize stretch marks and provide excellent belly tightening. VelaShape works on the skin as well as the deeper layers of fat. This technology should be used on places that you like to slim down while still seeing a tightened and smoothed skin tone. The machine works by bi-polar or multipolar radiofrequency energy and vacuum. This procedure promotes collagen formation, leading to thinner, healthier skin and a decrease in weight. Some examples are Velashape and Venus legacy.

  • Endermologie

This treatment utilizes strong and deep massage treatment to improve the skin appearance and correct the cellulite and stretch marks. The treatment is very effective but painful and might leave some bruising. Moreover, it requires a minimum of 12 sessions. One example of this machine is the french brand LPG.

  • Extra-long pulse Yag Laser

The piano mode of the Yag laser is an extra-long pulse that penetrates deep into the dermal layer to induce more collagen and tighten the skin. Fotona Laser and sculpture are good examples for this category of treatment.


At Albany cosmetic and laser center, we provide a full portfolio of non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. We discuss all the options with our client to design a protocol that fits the budget with the best possible results.

Case # 1085

A female client in her 50% with visible stretch marks with saggy skin but healthy otherwise. We suggested the Fotona laser to achieve the best results in her specific case.

After non surgical tummy tuck Edmonton
After non surgical tummy tuck Edmonton
Before non surgical tummy tuck Edmonton


non surgical tummy tuck edmonton
non surgical tummy tuck edmonton