Restylane Kysse For Lip Enhancement

Patient Background:

A 34-year-old female who sought a subtle, rejuvenated appearance for her lips. She expressed concerns about vertical lip lines and a slight decrease in lip volume over recent years.


Following a thorough consultation, it was decided to use Restylane Kysse, renowned for its ability to provide a soft, natural enhancement while also addressing lip lines. The product was carefully injected into specific areas of both the upper and lower lips to restore volume and smooth out wrinkles.


The lips showcased a delicate plumpness, and the fine lines were visibly reduced. The Restylane Kysse provided the desired smoothness and a rejuvenated, yet natural, lip appearance. The results were both immediate and long-lasting, with the patient delighted by the youthful restoration.

Patient Feedback:

“I didn’t want a drastic change, just something to make me feel refreshed. The results with Restylane Kysse at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre were beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled with the soft, natural fullness!”


The patient was instructed to avoid excessive lip movement and to keep the lips moisturized. A check-in appointment is set for three weeks post-procedure to ensure longevity and optimal outcomes.

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