Lip augmentation with Revanesse Kiss+

A 23-year-old female presented to Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre with concerns about her asymmetrical upper lip. She had always felt self-conscious about the appearance of her lips and was interested in lip augmentation to improve their symmetry and fullness.


On examination, the patient had a natural-looking lower lip, but her upper lip was visibly smaller on the right side, causing an asymmetry in her overall lip shape. The patient was deemed to be a good candidate for lip augmentation with dermal fillers. The clinician discussed the available treatment options with the patient and recommended using Revanesse Kiss+ lip fillers due to their reputation for producing natural-looking results.


The patient was scheduled for a lip augmentation procedure using Revanesse Kiss+ lip fillers. The clinician first applied a topical numbing cream to the patient’s lips to minimize any discomfort. After the cream had taken effect, the clinician used a blunt cannula to inject the filler into the patient’s upper lip. The cannula technique was used to minimize bruising and swelling.


The patient experienced minimal pain during the procedure and reported no complications afterward. The patient was delighted with the results of the lip augmentation. The asymmetry in her upper lip was corrected, and her lips looked fuller and more proportionate to her face. The clinician achieved a natural-looking result that enhanced the patient’s facial features while maintaining her individuality.


The patient was advised to avoid applying any pressure to the treated area and to avoid strenuous exercise for the next 24 hours. The clinician scheduled a follow-up appointment two weeks later to evaluate the lip augmentation results. At the follow-up appointment, the patient reported that the swelling had subsided, and the lip augmentation results were even better than she had expected. The clinician was pleased with the outcome and noted that the filler had settled in nicely.


In conclusion, using Revanesse Kiss+ lip fillers with a blunt cannula technique provided an excellent result for a young female patient with an asymmetrical upper lip. The patient was satisfied with the natural-looking outcome, which improved her lip symmetry and fullness. The procedure was safe, with minimal discomfort and no significant complications. Overall, the lip augmentation significantly boosted the patient’s self-confidence and sense of well-being.

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