A Case of Jawline Contouring in Edmonton

Jawline contouring Edmonton

Jawline Contouring

In facial aesthetics, a strong and square jawline is attractive, if you’re a man. But for women, a softer, less prominent jawline is usually considered to be more feminine, and therefore, more attractive. In an effort to narrow the lower part of the face, making it more oval or heart-shaped, many women have turned to surgery to modify their bone structure in a procedure known as jaw reduction. While the procedure has permanent results, a non-surgical, less risky treatment is available for suitable patients that achieve beautiful results without a long, painful recovery.

What is PDO jawline contouring?

PDO jawline contouring is the process of inserting tiny absorbable threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin on and around the jawline. They have a tightening, lifting effect on the skin; stimulating the production of collagen and causing the skin tissue to contract, resulting in a sculpted, contoured jawline. It can have a very positive effect upon a person’s silhouette and contribute to a smoother, more youthful jaw.

Case 1058

A female in her mid 50’s came in with concerns regarding the shape of her jawline. She wanted a less boxy sharp jawline and more of a soft jawline. After carefully reviewing her options and keeping her medical history in mind, we decided to proceed with PDO threads by using a 19G blunt cannula allowing the needle to pass through, therefore only requiring one poke. This specific procedure was done under 45 minutes and that included the numbing cream application process and numbing injections.

The procedure

We used a blunt cannula to allow the needle to go through smoothly. You may feel a light poke and some pressure during the procedure of the threads. To minimize bruising and swelling the chiller was used after the procedure.


The cost of this procedure varies depending on how many threads are used. In this case four threads were used therefore the price was $1000.00 plus tax.

Side effects

The main side effects to be expected are bruising and swelling which lasts up to 4-5 days but varies with each person depending on their skin type.


Inserted below are before and after pictures that were taken a few apart. You can see an immediate change right after the procedure and they only get better over the next two weeks.

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