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Coolsculpting for stubborn fat

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a trading name for a machine that performs cryolipolysis. To explain more about CoolSculpting, it is a health Canada cleared fat-freezing technology and considered to be the most effective body shaping technology. The machine is equipped with several applicators that allow us to target stubborn fats at different parts of the body such as tighs, bra fats, under buttocks, and abdomen.

Price of the Coolscupting

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center is ranked as one of the best clinics in Edmonton to provide coolsculpting   The CoolSculpting enhances the results of diet and exercise and targets unwanted fat in stubborn areas. The price of coolsculpting treatment depends mainly on the applicator that we use, due to the cycle price that we have to pay Allergan to run the machine. Each applicator has its own operating card (it looks like the old telephone booth card), and the price varies considerably between cycles. This patient used the CoolMax applicator with a tag price of $1600

How long is a coolsculpting cycle?

The original applicator had longer contact-time than the newer ones. The longest cycle is the Coolmax that extends up to 60 min, the shortest is the Coolmini with 15 min per cycle


after coolsculpting
after coolsculpting
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