Chin filler injection results, A Case study # 1041

Chin Augmentation Case # 1041

Chin dimple

A cleft chin is when the skin is indented over an infused jaw bone dent, creating a dimple. The correction is done in two steps: 1- to perform subcision to free up the skin; 2- dermal fillers to fill the dent.

Chin Augmentation using Dermal Fillers.

This is a non-surgical procedure of chin augmentation that can frequently be just as effective as surgery. Experience injectors at our clinic use a dermal filler to fill the dent and enhance the chin’s projection.

chin augmentation Edmonton
Facts about this Case

  • Procedure Cost: $600
  • Procedure Time: 25 Min
  • Downtime: 1-2 days
  • Results: Refreshed look
  • Adverse Effects: Bruising
  • It lasts 6-12 months

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