Corrections of Acne Scar using a combination of Fraxel Laser and Microneedling

Facial Scar Correction

It’s a simple way to maximize the benefits and keep downtime to a minimum of Fraxel laser. Laser treatments are used to deal with a lot of different skin problems. Among them are treatments for everything from hyperpigmentation to skin tightening. On the other hand, these in-office skin treatments are hard to schedule. It can be hard for them to take a break, making your skin red, flaky, and unpleasant. That’s why more and more people are combining different treatments into one session. Overall, you will get better results, and you won’t have to miss a scheduled appointment. It may be possible to get more benefits and fewer side effects by layering treatments. Dima Omran, an aesthetic nurse at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center in Edmonton, Canada, says this.

Fraxel results

Stackable Treatments with Fraxel

Dr. Alhallak believes that these non-surgical treatment combinations are “the future aesthetics.” He refers to them as “Stackable Treatments,” which he invented to emphasize their complementary and synergistic nature. “By combining revolutionary peels, injectables, laser treatments, ultrasonic technologies, and improved skincare, the ‘Stackable Treatment’ technique attacks the three key components of aging simultaneously: skin wrinkling, volume loss, and sagging,”

Advantages of combining treatments Fraxel with other treatments

“You’re already going to be down once, so let’s take advantage of the downtime and maximize the impact of all the treatments,” explains Dr. Alhallak. “As long as we don’t do anything that would jeopardize the other therapy or is too harsh [for the skin], we know that the synergy of many technologies applied concurrently will provide an extra advantage.” This may include combining microneedling, which stimulates collagen creation in the skin, with radiofrequency, which tightens the skin by encouraging elastin production.

Fraxel laser and  Microneedling

“Fraxel, PRP injections, and microneedling are my favorite treatments to use together,” Alhallak says. “It makes collagen, reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores as well as skin pigmentation, and gives the skin a healthy glow.”

Dima Omran, an R.N., says that lasers like Fraxel make small holes in the skin that let things like serums and moisturizers get deeper into the skin. “That’s why it’s a great time to add PRP,” he says. “We already know that PRP is good at promoting collagen and elastin growth. That action will get deeper into the skin if we make it stronger and do more of it.” In addition, the Fraxel comes in two different configurations. It’s important to look for Clear + Brilliant Permea if you want to lessen the look of hyperpigmentation on your skin.

“Maximum collagen production with a low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation while safe for all skin types,” says Dr. Alhallak. Microneedling is good for all skin types. This treatment is great for rejuvenation and maintenance, and the recovery time is short. You should be back to normal in five days or less.

The Fraxel laser eliminates deeper wrinkles, rough texture, or acne scars. Omran says he likes using Fraxel and microneedling when treating acne scars or deeper wrinkles. This allows for more intensive treatment with less risk of side effects. When she talks about the downtime, she says it would start with two to four days of redness and swelling, then last for about 12 days.

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