Botox for the frownline

Botox for forwnline 

Using neuotoxin such as Botox is an excellent method to minimise the appearance of stress or frownlines. The reduced ability to use the muscle results in relaxed and rejuvenated appearance.

We utilise BOTOX® treatments cosmetically to relax your facial muscles, correct fine lines and wrinkles, and to prevent additional lines deepening. This is a straightforward 10 minute treatment with several little injections into the muscles we wish to treat directly. BOTOX® treatments are quite advanced and should be put in the appropriate muscle at an optimum dosage by a skilled injector to get the greatest, most natural appearing outcomes. The most frequent places that we treat are the brown line, or 'grumpy lines,' the 'worried' horizontal lines, and the eyelids' in the crows.


Botox for the frownline

Frown lines botox FAQ's

Do I need a consultation initially?

Yes, like all of our services, before you begin your therapy - whether you have had it previously, you need to have an initial consultation. This guarantees that before you start your therapy you are completely educated and informed. We are a clinic of best practise that delivers optimum outcomes via education and informed consent.

Is it all right to have Botox only for my frown lines but not my forhead lines?

Yes. Lines and wrinkles may be reduced in some places. Some individuals want a lot of expression and lines on their foreheads, yet still want to relax. A skilled injector will be able to determine where to put Botox at an optimum dosage in the right muscle, at the right location.

Is it Botox that hurts for frown lines?

No. Many of our customers describe the feeling as a little pinch or as though they are plucking.

How much time does Botox last for frown lines?

In order to prevent a frozen face, we are renowned for producing a 'natural appearance' with lower dosage, and we usually suggest repeat treatments every 3-4 months to sustain and enhance your results.

How can you improve the outcomes with Botox?

Dermal fillers: fill in deeper coloured lines

Laser treatment: skin improvement treatments and restoration

Skin care of medical quality: improving and maintaining results

Case # 1099

a female patient in her 40's came in with a deep static line. After assessment, we agreed on injecting botox and get the follow up in 2 weeks. we adminster 30 unites of Botox in the upper face.

Botox for the frownline