Poly-L-Lactic Acid microspheres, commonly known as Sculptra, is a collagen inducer that. Over time, Sculptra stimulates special skin protein synthesis (collagen), therefore improving the volume and skin texture over 12 weeks. Therefore, the general loss of volume is the main indication for Sculptra. it cannot be used for lip augmentation or under the eye. Unlike HA Dermal Fillers, Sculptra works slowly over three months, and the result might last over 12 months.

BBL Case

The client is her mid-thirty and she is concerned about the hip dips and the volume of buttocks. One of our medical team members discussed the Sculptra benefit and the procedure. Thereafter, 5 vials of Sculptra were injected using a 19G cannula.

Results of Sculptra injections for BBL

Usually, these results last for a couple of days then the client loses most of the volume. However, it would take between 8-12 weeks to show the full results of Sculptra.