Combination Therapy for Hypotrophic Rolling Scars

Hypotrophic rolling scars pose a treatment challenge due to their elevated nature and wavy texture. A multimodal approach can offer improved outcomes. This case study reviews the efficacy of Fotona Cold Fractional Laser combined with subcision and BellaFill injections for acne scars treatment.

Patient Profile:

  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin type: Sensitive with a history of acne scarring
  • Primary concern: Hypotrophic rolling scars around the cheek and eye region

Pre-Treatment Assessment:

The patient exhibited multiple hypotrophic rolling scars. These scars were raised with a characteristic wavy texture, primarily located on the cheek near the eye.

Treatment Plan:

A comprehensive three-tiered approach was implemented:

  1. Fotona Cold Fractional Laser: For skin texture enhancement and collagen stimulation.
  2. Subcision: For breaking the fibrotic strands beneath the scars and leveling the skin.
  3. BellaFill Injections: To provide volume post-subcision and create a smoother skin profile.


  1. Fotona Cold Fractional Laser: The patient received four sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks.
  2. Subcision: After the laser treatments, subcision was administered to the scars. This procedure involved using a needle to sever the fibrotic strands anchoring the skin.
  3. BellaFill Injections: Post-subcision, BellaFill, a dermal filler, was introduced to uphold the elevation attained from subcision and offer a lasting, even appearance.


Post-treatment images highlight a marked reduction in hypotrophic rolling scars. The skin is smoother, and the elevated scars have been noticeably flattened, resulting in a more consistent skin tone. The combined therapies yielded both instant and sustained results, improving the patient’s self-image.


The combination of Fotona Cold Fractional Laser, subcision, and BellaFill injections effectively treated hypotrophic rolling scars in this instance. The multi-pronged strategy addressed the scar’s texture and elevation, providing a comprehensive remedy. This study underscores the benefits of using synergistic treatments for optimal scar reduction.

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