Sculptra for the Brazilian butt lift

BBL Procedure

Sculptra for the Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL, is a non-invasive procedure. It can be used to give the buttocks more shape and volume. By combining Sculptra® with a dermal filler that promotes collagen growth in the skin, you can improve your patient’s butt. Sculptra® can help the patient look fuller and rounder without surgery in this case. Fat is usually taken from the patient and placed in the buttocks of Brazilian butt lifters. Sculptra® for BBL, on the other hand, requires no anesthesia and has a short recovery time.

Sculptra Concept

Sculptra® produces gradual results and lasts for two to three years. If you use Sculptra® regularly, you can expect your skin to thicken and volumize over time. The following is how it works: Over the next few weeks, the body absorbs the filler and increases collagen production. While the best results take a few weeks to appear, many patients return for additional Sculptra® treatments to ensure they get the best results. Most people require three or four treatment sessions spread out over a few months to achieve the best results. The buttocks can maintain their prominent, well-balanced appearance.

expected outcomes

If Sculptra® is injected again, the buttocks will retain the pronounced and well-proportioned volumizing effects. This treatment leaves no scars and does not require a lengthy recovery period, making it an excellent alternative to surgery. Your final results can last a long time once you have them.

• Rounder buttocks 

• More curvy buttocks 

• More buttock volume 

• Results last 2-3 years

BBL Candidates

People who are good candidates for a Sculptra® Brazilian buttlift should be in good physical shape and healthy.

  • A person who lacks enough fat in a donor area of the body to have fat transferred as part of a standard Brazilian buttlift.
  • Patients who want a non-surgical, less invasive way to increase the size of their buttocks 
  •  Patients who are willing to attend multiple treatment sessions because results take time to appear

Before Sculptra BBL

Before administering Sculptra® injections, make certain that everything is done correctly. Before your appointment, make sure you’re not taking any supplements or medications. Also, avoid foods high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Don’t eat nuts, seeds, fish, fish oil, NSAIDs, supplements, or anything else that causes bleeding to last more than a few hours for two weeks before your appointment. After your injections, this will help reduce bruising, bleed, and swelling.
  • Arnica supplementation: To help with bruises, start taking Arnica supplements a week before getting injections. With the help of Arnica, bruises fade faster over time. Arnica supplements can be found in your local pharmacy. They are also available for purchase at the Naderi Center.
  • You may need to stop taking blood thinners for a few days or weeks before getting an injection if you’re on them. The prescribing doctor will be able to tell you when it is safe to stop taking these medications and when it is safe to resume them. We do not believe that a patient should stop taking life-saving medications in order to have cosmetic surgery.

The Day of BBL

Because it’s not uncommon for people to “pass out” or feel “vasovagal,” you should eat and drink before your treatment. The majority of people dislike needles, but some people enjoy them. It’s less likely that you’ll get sick during your treatment if you keep your blood sugar levels stable and stay hydrated.

On the market, there should be a lot less lotion and cream.

  • Do not apply lotions or creams near the area where you want injections, especially if you are getting them.
  • It would be beneficial if you arrived 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to have numbing cream applied to your skin. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the numbing cream to work its full magic.
  • After that, schedule your next appointment: After the first session, Sculptra® injections are usually done in 4-6 weeks. We need to make sure we’ll be able to see you when your next injection is due. Most of our injectors are booked for the next 3 to 4 months, and we don’t want to double book patients. To ensure that you do not forget, we always recommend that you make a new appointment before leaving.

Recovering from BBL

There will be more volume because the sterile water used to hold the Sculptra® particles in place for injection will make them bigger at first. Your body will naturally absorb the water given to you during the first day or two after the treatment. To ensure that the Sculptra® particles are evenly distributed across the buttocks, the patient should lightly massage the treatment area for about five days after treatment. This will make your buttocks appear fuller. Results will appear over time, and as more treatments are completed, the shape of the buttocks will improve.

It is recommended that you massage the treatment area for five minutes five times a day for five days after the treatment.

Ice, Ice, and More Ice Do not use ice bags that are too heavy! For 20 minutes, ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. If possible, leave the icing on for at least 24 to 48 hours. Never put ice on your skin, and don’t use too much pressure when doing so.

Nodules that are visible and have redness or the potential to change the skin color should be reported to us as soon as possible. If you think you’re having any of the above issues after getting filler injections, please get in touch with our office right away.



possible side effects

Sculptra® injections are thought to be safe and effective when performed by a qualified doctor. People should only trust their appearance to a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Sculptra® should not be used by patients with lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, or who are pregnant or nursing.

  • Bruises usually last a few weeks, but severe bruises can last up to four weeks. This happens all the time, and it’s not uncommon. The bruises may take several days to appear. 
  • If each injection site already has a lot of asymmetry and bleeding, the swelling may not always be the same from side to side.
  • It takes two weeks for the initial swelling to subside. Swelling will be worst in the first 24-48 hours.
  • For the first 48 hours, don’t do any exercise. When you exercise, you may experience swelling. Swelling and the amount of Sculptra® injected are the most common asymmetry causes. Any differences in collagen production will not show up in the skin for about 4–6 weeks.


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