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What is the difference between Filler and Botox for lip lines treatment? Presently, Lip fillers are everywhere. Celebrities have them. Business owners have them. And even a plastic surgeon knows that the Lip craze is real. A lot of patients crave for plumped-up lips.

No wonder cosmetic surgeons want to create unique treatments to suit their patient’s big-lip needs.  Right now, the current lip-plumping treatment making waves: the Botox for lip lines.

Botox for lip lines Edmonton
Botox for lip lines Edmonton

If you’re not aware, doctors perform lip augmentation with hyaluronic fillers. They include Restylane, Volbella, Juvéderm, and Vollure. According to Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) of Albany laser and cosmetic center in Edmonton, Botox for lip lines is amazing to create a smoother and plumper look.

When combined with dermal fillers, Botox help flips out the lip line. This gives the lips a subtle pout, fuller look, sexier pout.

What causes lip lines?

The main cosmetic use of Botox injections is to reduce lines and wrinkles on your lips and face. For lip lines, it occurs naturally after a while as a result of:

  • Smiling
  • Laughing
  • Frowning
  • Smoking
  • Kissing
  • Aging

If you want to reduce lip lines, speak with your dermatologist about your options.

So what can Botox do?

Infusing Botox offers visible cosmetic improvements in the lip lines. No doubts, Botox treatment paralyzes or relaxes the muscles. So injecting your lips with this cosmetic toxin can relax your lip muscles for about 3 months.

When injected into your lips, Botox will:

  • Reduce creases in the lower and upper lip area
  • Raise the edges of your mouth
  • Eliminate marionette, which goes down from your mouth’s corners
  • Fix gummy smile
  • Improve the upper lip

How does Botox treatment change the look of your lip?

It depends on the injected area. For a Botox lip flip, the chemical paralyzes the muscles around your lips and makes them roll up. That can make your lips to appear larger.

How long does lip lines treatment take?

In several cases, Botox injections take about 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not the a surgical procedure, So you don’t need any recovery time afterward. Ideally, you can go on with your normal activities as soon as you’re done.

Also, the result of the treatment procedure is not instant. It takes approximately one week for the wrinkles to become less visible. Relaxed lip lines can resurface after 3 or 4 months. It points to the fact that a Botox injection for lip lines procedure is temporary.

How does Botox relax lip lines?

Lip lines are wrinkles also known as lipstick lines or smoker’s lines. Lip lines are silent snitches of the date in your birth certificate. It’s no news that aging cause lip lines. Others include the overactivity of the muscle, smoking habit, and sun damage. Botox injection is a cosmetic procedure carried out by a licensed health professional.

The first step includes cleansing the skin. Next, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will inject botulinum toxin into wrinkle dwelling areas of the upper lips. The injection blocks the nerve stimuli to the muscles. A single dose of injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles. Also causes them to relax.

What are the potential risks and side effects of using Botox?

When done by a trained medical professional, then it’s safe. Your injector must observe safety guidelines founded by the Food and Drug Administration. You may still feel mild side effects after the procedure. The side effects last for some days and may include:

  • Bruising and numbness at the target site
  • Swelling, this can make your lips to appear bigger than normal
  • Headache
  • Tenderness
  • Nausea

Seek urgent medical help if you start experiencing:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Breathing and swallowing difficulties
  • Visual disturbances

How much do Botox lip lines treatment cost?

The cost of one session rests on the amount used and the type of injection. Also, it depends on the plastic surgeon’s location. What this means is, some treatments may cost about $50, while some may cost around $1,500. Your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will give you a specific figure during your consultation.

The bottom line…

Some myths about lips injections are in a general opinion that lip injection is a painful surgical procedure. Further, others consider it a cause of sores and scars. In the words of Oscar Wilde, “The curves of your lips rewrite history”.

The curves of the lips can be marred with lip lines. The good news is Botox injections can get rid of these lip lines. If the right hands are on deck, none of these myths will come to play.

If you want to get rid of lip lines, trust Albany laser and cosmetic center. We will help rid your lips of the soaring number of lines. Our service is medley of affordability and efficiency. For details about our services, click here.

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