Acne treatment using laser and other modern approaches

Acne is a common chronic skin disorder that is known to affect about 85% of the population that is between the age of 16 to 18 years old. According to the official 2015 Health Report, it was discovered that more than 366 million people are affected by acne and skin scars all over the world, which translates to be the top ten most common skin diseases worldwide. However, it is sometimes considered as one part of regular growing up. It is important to realize that the adolescent’s stage of development, which involve acute self-awareness of body images must not include skin scars and acne. But, can scars and acne be removed from the surface of the skin? Well, absolutely. There are many types of eliminating blemishes and acne. However, in this post, you will get more details on acne and scar removal in the beauty and cosmetic fields. This means that the methods and techniques disclosed in this post do not involve any prescription or procedures to remove these embarrassing scars and acne from your skin.







  1. Laser Skin Resurfacing

If acne, aging or the scorching effect caused by exposing yourself to the sun left your face full of scars, blemishes, wrinkles, or lines, undergoing laser skin resurfacing can assist your skin, and make it young again as well as healthier. Laser skin resurfacing is responsible for removing the skin layer with a lot of care and precision. In fact, the skin cell which grows as your skin heals from this process gives your skin a tight, young-looking surface. The laser skin resurfacing procedure may be conducted alone or together with other cosmetic surgeries on the surface of your skin.


Acne and enlarged pores

When you undergo Cosmetic Laser Treatment, your skin will grow tight and youthful texture. Collagen production is the function that is responsible for our skin loss, especially as we age. The creation of collagen causes loss of laxity and skin sagging over a specific period. This results in a condition that makes you look for plastic surgery to solve the issue. However, instead of going for an operation, it is recommended that you consider the cosmetic laser treatment. The Cosmetic Laser Treatment offers you ultimate safety as well as assurance, all the way in the patient treatment, which will enable your overall skin to build natural collagen on its own and of course, save your body, the stress involved during the harsh recovery of surgery. Some of the Laser Treatments which may help in tightening your skin’s texture and making your skin younger and healthier include the Active FX Laser Resurfacing, Laser Genesis, and Titan. All the cosmetic laser treatment provides your skin with an incredible rejuvenation and restoration, which give you a back glowing, thick, and smooth skin surface.


  1. Microneedling

Are you searching for a technique that you can use to improve your wrinkles, and eliminate and remove acne and scars without any downtime? Well, Micro-needling is your solution. It is a quick as well as a virtually painless process that will offer you firmer, smoother, and younger appearing skin. The purpose of Micro-needling is to induce collagen production and of course, make the skin epidermis strong enough. The Micro-needling technicians and experts typically apply a wand that comprises a very fine needle. Once this is passed over your skin, the needle’s microinjection develops a channel that is responsible for triggering the production of new collagen on your body’s surface. It produces enough elastin which is enough to fill the little wound.

This is one of the most popular beauties and cosmetic methods to remove acne and scars on the surface of your skin. It decreases the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. It is wise to note that the loss of elastin as well as reduced collagen production in your skin causes sagging skin, thinning, and facial wrinkles. However, with the use of the Micro-needling process, the procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin naturally, which are responsible for the removal of acne, scars, and the reduction of wrinkles plus fine lines. The system is safe and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are also tough to remove, and not many beauty and cosmetic treatments can improve their occurrences. However, Micro-needling has been discovered by scientists and therapists to improve the stretch marks appearances, mainly when it is integrated with other forms of treatments like laser treatment and Fraxel.

  1. Plasma injection

Do you know that it is possible to embrace the aging process gracefully, and at the same time, have a young and healthy appearance? Well, this is possible with Plasma Injection. A bio-facial, mainly using pure platelet-rich Plasma injection can be considered the “No-facelift Facelift.” This means that you will enjoy all the benefits of having a facelift, without necessarily having one. It is a non-invasive surgery and has no foreign product. The Platelets Rich Plasma is a new and innovative way to remove and treat acne and scars on the surface of your skin. It has many benefits as opposed to other invasive treatments. It is an entirely natural process where it uses the organic material from your body to regain the vitality of your skin. In fact, this procedure has little to no risk of side effects since it is your biological content. You don’t have to worry about being affected by allergic reactions. The procedure involves no surgery and takes few minutes, possibly half an hour.

Acne and scar treatment on your face is more than superficial. In fact, they have the potential of safeguarding your emotional well-being and youthful appearance. All of these beautiful cosmetic treatments are natural, and support the production of collagen for better growth of your skin. They have no side effects as compared to the surgery-related treatments, which are accompanied by severe pain and other irritating side effects. These are just natural beauty and cosmetic procedures, and they are not invasive to your skin.

Laser Resurfacing

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