Everyone loves beautiful things and when it has to do with enhancing natural beauty, lots of people will go to any length to achieve that. Invasive surgery used to be the way out in time past.

But thanks to technology, you can augment your natural beauty via nonsurgical treatments using dermal fillers and Botox therapy. The long-lasting results of these treatments continue to make fillers and Botox popular. This is because both treatments are noninvasive and do not require extensive downtime like surgeries. They are also less expensive than surgeries.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) deliberately loosen up specific features in order to smooth out frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles. This treatment is highly effective in eliminating wrinkles which result from repetitive facial movements. It is also endorsed by the FDA.

Dermal fillers are procedures that restore the youthfulness of a patient temporarily. It is minimally-invasive and can be applied to the lips and around the eyes. Patients can choose a natural or synthetic filler, though your dermal clinician has the final say based on your health history.

How Do Fillers and Botox Treatments Work?

Fillers are FDA-approved injectable solutions that work by filling the dermis or soft tissue under your skin. Thus, the crease, line or areas with unwanted lines fill up with the injectable solution. This makes every trouble spot on your face to disappear, giving you that youthful appearance you crave.

Botox work in direct contrast to dermal fillers by relaxing the muscles under the lines or wrinkles. It is also minimally invasive and restores your natural beauty.

What Can Fillers and Botox Treat?

Fillers can treat parenthesis lines around the mouth and smooth out wrinkles as well as lines. Fillers can also add beautiful but subtle corrections in your temples. You can use fillers to enhance your jawline, touch up the volume in your hands, and for lifting eyebrows.

Fillers are excellent choices for smoothing out deep-rooted acne scars and for filling hollows under your eyes.

Botox, on the other hand, is a prescription and injectable medication approved by the FDA. It works by relaxing the muscles of a target area, usually under wrinkle spots. This helps to reduce or minimize wrinkle lines on the face.

Botox works more effectively on target areas in the upper facial region of the face. The forehead, the area between eyebrows, and around the eyes are usually the target areas for Botox treatments.

Botox is also effective in treating hyperhidrosis or severe sweating after injecting in the armpits. Some people have been able to treat intractable migraines and overactive bladder issues using Botox.

Do Fillers and Botox Treatments Work for Natural Beauty?

Fillers and Botox treatments can enhance your natural beauty by getting rid of undesirable lines on the face. These injectables can make your skin look youthful even as you age. With fillers and Botox treatments, the shape and contour of your features can be improved without surgery.

Are Fillers and Botox Treatments Expensive?

There are several factors which affect the cost of fillers and Botox treatments. The factors are:

  • Proficiency of the dermal clinician
  • Geographical location
  • Amount of effort and time the clinician will require the treatment

The costs of both fillers and Botox treatments are generally in the range of USD$250 and USD$1,200. Always bear in mind that technique is highly crucial, so visit a reliable cosmetic dermatologist for your treatments.

What Should I Do Before Fillers and Botox Treatments?

Do not take any supplements or medication that can bring about excessive bleeding and bruising. Stay away from ibuprofen, aspirin, and incredibly high doses of vitamin E.

Avoid performing any rigorous exercise on the day of your fillers or Botox treatments.

Who Can’t Have Fillers and Botox Treatments?

If you have any medical history or skin allergy, you should stay away from fillers and Botox treatments. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid such treatments.

What Should I Expect During Fillers and Botox Treatments?

Your dermal clinician or an authorized medical injector will examine your skin tone and facial appearance. Before then, it will be a wise move on your part to discuss your medical history with a clinician.

The target areas will be noted and you will need to take some photographs so that you can compare how you look before and after the treatment. Then your clinician applies an antibacterial agent on your face for thorough cleansing.

You may have to undergo a mild microdermabrasion treatment to do away with contaminants. The treatment will also leave your skin flawless and glowing.

Then a pre-filled syringe of filler (usually hyaluronic acid – HA) is injected in at the target site. Then your clinician will massage the site so that the product evens out significantly.

The clinician will proceed to examine the area to evaluate whether or not, more injectable material is required. The entire process can take twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the number of sites that you need to be treated.

You can even resume work almost immediately after you complete the treatment.

What are the Side Effect of Fillers and Botox Treatments?

The side effects of fillers and Botox treatments may include allergic reactions, though this is in very rare cases. Others include:

  • Slight swelling at the site of the injections (which typically disappears after about thirty minutes)
  • Drooping of eyelids (ptosis) or eyebrow

On rare occasions, patients may experience headaches, muscle weakness, and nausea. These symptoms, however, do not require treatment as they usually vanish within a short time.

How Many Treatments Will Provide Results?

The results for Botox treatment can become more visible within three to five days. It can last from three to six months before you have to return for another session.

The results for fillers treatment, on the other hand, is almost instantaneous. It can last from six months to two years.

What are the Post Fillers and Botox Treatment Precautions?

Your dermal clinician will offer professional advice. But in general, after fillers or Botox treatments, you must avoid lying down for five hours. You must not perform any form of exercise for five hours as well.

You should not massage, press or rub the target areas after treatment for at least five hours. This includes wearing a tight helmet or cap, washing your face or holding your face in your hands.

The major reasons for these precautions are to minimize the chances of the spread of neurotoxins or filler solutions to areas you do not want to treat. This could affect the muscles and bring about unwanted side effects such as ptosis, etc.

What are the Advantages of Fillers and Botox Treatments?

Fillers and Botox are non-invasive treatments which do not leave any wounds or cuts to heal. There is also no recovery time for both forms of treatments,

As you advance in years, your eyebrow may drop, giving you a much older look. Botox treatment can help in lifting the brow and make you look younger.

Fillers and Botox treatment can effectively take care of excessive sweating problems. They are also considered generally safe for most people. The side effects of dermal fillers and Botox treatments are negligible. This is why the popularity of these treatments keep growing day by day.

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