Using coolsculpting for body slimming and fat removal?

Cool sculpting is a non-surgical FDA- cleared, effective and safe procedure to remove fat, contour, and shape the body. It is considered a better alternative to liposuction. The process removes fat and reduces the physical dimension of the treated area.

How does it work?

Coolsculpting works using Cryolipolysis, a proven scientific principle. Cold temperature is subjected to specific selected fat cells. This is to mark them for elimination from the body. The process is done without causing damage to the surrounding tissue, skin, or muscles. Cryolipolysis’s original discovery and research were made by scientists from Harvard University. The scientists were Rox Anderson, MD, and Dieter Manstein. MD. Zeltiq aesthetic, Inc., a California-based medical technology company, developed and commercialized the process.

When Fat cells are put under cold temperatures for a period, they get severe damage and die. The cold temperatures damaging the fat cell are low. They are lower than temperatures that would damage other tissues such as nerves, muscles, and skin. In cool sculpting, a target body area is cooled targeting the fat cell in the area. Around 20% of the fat cells in the targeted area die and are eliminated from the body. This can happen a few weeks after treatment. A thin film layer is applied to the skin. This prevents the skin area marked for treatment, from any damage. Then an applicator is applied to the film of the treatment area. In most cases, controlled cooling is subjected to the treatment area for one hour, although some areas may require two hours.

Fat reduction

A human being is born with a certain number of fat cells. Any reduction of fat cells by liposuction or coolsculpting is permanent. The cells, therefore, are eliminated. Coolsculpting advantage is that no surgery is required. This means no recovery period and patients can go back to work or other activities after the process. Applicators have the shape of body parts that easily fit and allow the suction machine to draw the fat tissue. Applicators provide a good seal as the machine goes through the freezing cycle.

There are three standardized applicators for the torso. Then there is cool max which is double size and larger for people with abdominal tissues above the average. People with a more large gut and above-average abdominal tissues can debunk more of the fat using cool max. And then fine-tune and shape afterward using the smaller applicators. The other applicator is cool smooth, which is used for saddlebag areas and outer thighs. This doesn’t involve sucking as you can’t suck that tissue. It is placed on top of the outer thigh. It straps on and contacts the skin. The treatment takes longer as the freezing and sucking are not close to the cooling plates. Therefore the treatment for the outer thighs takes two hours instead of the one-hour cooling cycle.

Is coolsculpting an effective solution?

It’s important to examine if the patient will have good results satisfaction. Prospective patients with unwanted fat in discrete areas like outer thighs, love handles, or abdomen are good candidates for coolsculpting. The fats require being pinch-able, and the tone of the skin has to be good. It shouldn’t have excess or lax skin. The patient needs to understand what to expect in the treatment and the duration it takes to get the results. He/she should know the side effects and the risks involved. It’s imperative to review before and after photos. This will give you a realistic view of what the results are likely to be. Don’t have a look at the one with the best result or one with the best dramatic improvement. This is a false assessment of what one could expect.

Who is not recommended for coolsculpting?

Not everyone qualifies for coolsculpting. These include people who can’t yield good cosmetic results from the process. The whole point of undergoing the process is to shape your body and do away with unwanted fat deposits. People with loose skin, separated abdominal structures, and stretch marks are not good candidates. Those candidates qualify for Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. The results wouldn’t satisfy them since the appearance of the abdomen would be the same even if they lose some fat there

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