Non-ablative fractional lasers

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Overview of the Non-ablative Fractional LasersNon-ablative fractional Laser, such as Fraxel Laser, works by causing controlled thermal injury by delivering the laser energy in the form of microscopic columns. Non-ablative fractional Laser might be equipped with dual wavelengths of 1550 and 1927 nm. The non-ablative Laser keeps the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) […]

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

Laser Tattoo Removal Edmonton FAQsAn initial consultation before a tattoo removal Edmonton procedure is vital for every practice and patient. It’s a medium to showcase your experience or knowledge of the tattoo removal Edmonton procedure, communicate with your clients, and make them trust you so that they can proceed with the treatments.It is a good practice to […]

Laser Hair Removal Complete Guide

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Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with Permanent Laser Hair RemovalWe wish to provide you with a laser hair removal complete guide. This is a must-read guide for anyone looking to reduce or remove unwanted hair from their body permanently. Laser Hair removal is a revolutionary long-term hair removal technology that uses laser technology to eliminate […]


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Melanin, the Skin PigmentMelanin is an epidermal pigment that gives colour to our eyes, skin, and hair. It can be found in the epidermis – the outer layer of skin – as well as in our hair follicles and even deeper within the layers of skin. Melanocytes produce melanin – special cells which are responsible […]