There was a big reason this study was done: to see how a non-surgical radiofrequency eld device would work. The BTL Vanquish device has been made up to date so that it can deliver more even, effective, and predictable energy to fat cells for both body shaping and fat removal.After the treatment, there was less […]

Botox and Fillers injection in the modern aesthetics


Botox and Fillers injection in modern aesthetics Facial aging is associated with a gradual thinning of the skin and loss of elasticity over time, accompanied by the diminishment of dermal collagen, hyaluronic acid (HA), and elastin. This intrinsic aging process is accelerated and compounded by sun damage and other extrinsic factors such as smoking, resulting in […]

Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in Edmonton


Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in EdmontonCosmetic injectables, namely Botox and Fillers, have experienced a boom in the last decades. The use is mainly to erase wrinkles and years and provide a younger-looking face.Botox in Edmonton(Bоtulіnum tоxіn A) іѕ a muscle rеlаxаnt. It hаѕ bееn uѕеd for over 25 уеаrѕ in hospital situations. The […]

Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in Edmonton

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Bоtоx аnd Fіllеrѕ tо Lооk Yоungеr in EdmontonCosmetic injectables, such as Botox and Fillers, have seen a surge in popularity in recent decades. The purpose of the procedure is to remove wrinkles and years from the face, giving it a younger appearance.Botox injections in EdmontonBotox (Botulinum toxin A) has been used in the cosmetic medicine […]

Chemical Peel Care Instruction

Chemical Peel Edmonton

Chemical Peel Care InstructionsHere are some of the most important chemical peel care instruction that takes you through the before and after procedure preparations and recommendationsBefore Chemical PeelIt is recommended that you avoid sun exposure and the following products and treatments for at least one week prior to your treatment for optimal results:ElectrolysisWaxingCreams for depilationHair […]

Cost of Coolsculpting and Sculpsure Edmonton

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COOLSCULPTING AND SCULPSURE Over the years, we’ve seen several new technologies for minimally invasive fat reduction. This includes CoolSculpting, Exilis, Zerona, Liposonix, and SculpSure. For the past few years, CoolSculpting has been the go-to aesthetic procedure. But, SculpSure is the newest body contouring procedure that removes unwanted fat. As a result, patients want […]

Everything you want to know about Laser hair removal

Laser Hair removal Edmonton

What is laser hair removal?Laser Hair removal is the revolutionary long-term hair removal technology that uses laser technology to get rid of unwanted hair in any part of the body. What is hair anatomy?Anatomy Hair follicles are composed of the bulb (matrix and dermal papilla), outer root sheath, bulge, and hair shaft. The hair matrix depth […]


HOME REMEDIES FOR PIGMENTATION REMOVAL WHAT IS PIGMENTATION?Pigmentation, which is also called hyperpigmentation, is the condition that obscures patches of your skin. These patches can be little or very big. While the condition isn’t destructive, it can be a sign of a basic therapeutic issue and can make your skin look uneven and undesirable. Your skin […]

How to get sexy lips in Edmonton

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The most important part of getting sexy lips after the filler procedure is not the type of the fillers but the injector. Each injector has his/her own different way of injection filler to enhance a specific part of the lips. Understanding the lips anatomy gives the injector a clear advantage in having results using a […]