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Sculptra in Edmonton

You landed on this page because you are interested in Sculptra filler and you live in Edmonton. You might be looking for an excellent provider for this specific and unique filler. Or, you may still have some questions before you decide if Sculptra is the right fillers for you. Either way, our medical staff at Albany Cosmetic and laser center in Edmonton is here to help you.


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What is the difference between Sculptra and other fillers?

People interested in Cosmetic injectables has heard hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma or Restalyne Volyme to restore facial Volum. So what is the difference between HA fillers and spectra? The main difference is in the chemical composition and result timeline


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We classify Sculptra as collagen inducing fillers, This means that Sculptra itself has no instantaneous filler properties, but a gradual one in Edmonton. Once injected the poly l lactic acid microsphere forms depositions in the injected area and help the tissues to produce its own collagen. On the contrary, HA fillers expand and filler the cavity such as under eyes or nasolabial folds to add volume and correct the deficiencies, hence the name Voluma and Volyme.

One of the most pronounced difference is that HA fillers are reversible, you can dissolve them instantly by injecting a special enzyme (hyaluronidase), which provides both convenience and safety advantage.

Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton
Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton


I need instant results, is Sculptra for me?

No, Sculptra is for clients who prefer to have a gradual effect and have the patients to weight between 8-12 weeks to get the full results. In opposite, HA fillers produce dramatic and instant results that all clients notice before they leave the clinic.


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Is Sculptra for me?

this actually depends on different factors such as the place and purpose of filler injections, expectation, health status and if you received fillers before.

Place and purpose of filler injections:

There are some places that we do not recommend using Sculptra in them, such as lips and under the eye, nor for nasolabial fold contour deficiencies. These indications require us to be able to predict the final results and be very precise about the volume enhancement and filler location in the treated area. We prefer using HA fillers (with different thickness and consistency) for precise and delicate filler injections.

butt lift with sculptra
We highly recommend Sculptra for a client who is looking for a subtle change over a relatively long period of time. For example, a client with many facial wrinkles (mainly fine ones) with a general loss of facial volume and healthy immune systems ( free of Auto-immune diseases) Then Sculptra treatment is the filler of choice.


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Do NOT go for Sculptra if you are planning to impress everyone around you with pictures and selfies immediately. After injection, the Sculptra aesthetic injectable poly lactic acid microsphere will settle in cavities and hollow places. This will form a scaffold for collagen to build up (collagen production) and increase the volume over time and induce the natural process of skin rejuvenation. If you want your friend to say "you look younger "without being able to figure out what you have done, then it is time to think of Sculptra.


Brazilian Butt lift in Edmonton


Health status and safety:

people with healthy immune are good candidates for sculptra. In addition to people who are immune deficient such as HIV patients. However, it is not recommended for people with auto-immune diseases such as lupus. Since we would not be able to dissolve Sculptra, then we will not be able to remove it in case the client had an allergic reaction and was injected into blood vessels


Brazilian butt lift
Brazilian butt lift


Are you a new to injectable fillers?

If yes, then we would not recommend Sculptra for you. First timers have high expectation and ask for instant results. Also, they are very self-conscious and you might need to dissolve or fix or touch-ups quite often.

What areas do we prefer to injection sculptra?

As mentioned before, we recommend it only for healthy people without healthy immune systems disorders. Sculptra can correct both shallows to deep wrinkles and deficiencies and other facial Issue. We inject Sculptra via blunt cannula by deep dermal grid pattern (cross-hatch) injection technique.


Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton
Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton


Common Side effects and other concerns post-treatment

site swelling, bruising, lumps, redness, itching, and lumps are Sculptra main side effects. We should avoid injecting this filler into the blood vessels as it clogs the vessel causing ischemic events. The skin at the site of injection should be intact and free form sores, cysts and infection or inflammation.   Small lumps may be noticed under the skin when pressing on the area of injection. Other reported adverse reactions may include larger lumps under the skin, inflammation or skin discoloration and injection site of skin sores.


sculptra butt lift
sculptra butt lift


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