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Laser Hair Removal Price At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality laser hair removal treatments. This is the philosophy at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Clinic. We have arranged our prices attractively to give the best value for your money. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options to suit different budgets. Now, let’s move on to our special offers. For men, we have a comprehensive package.

This package includes treatments for the full back, complete chest, upper shoulders, and the back of the neck. Usually, this package costs $500. But now, you can get all these treatments for just $400 with our special discounted package.

Next, we have an array of packages designed specifically for our female customers. One such package includes treatments for the chin, upper lip, and underarms. Although the usual cost for this package is $195, our special discounted price brings it down to $156.

Additionally, we have a package that includes treatments for the full face, underarms, and half legs. Normally, this package costs $445. However, with our special package discount, you can avail it for just $365.

Our package for bikini, half-leg, and underarm treatments is now only $292. This is a reduction from the regular price of $365. We also offer packages for Brazilian, full-leg, and underarm treatments, as well as Brazilian, underarm, and half-leg treatments. These are available for a special price of $498 and $376, respectively.

Laser Hair Removal Packages for Men Regular price Package Price
full back, full chest, upper shoulders, back of the neck $500 $400
Laser Hair Removal Packages for Women Regular price Package Price
Chin, upper lip. underarms $195 $156
full face, underarm, half leg $445 $365
bikini, half-leg, underarm $365 $292
Brazilian, full leg, underarm $620 $498
Brazilian, underarm, half leg $470 $376