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On this page we discuss the Hair transplant Alternatives. Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre does not provide hair tranplantation surgery.

According to a survey carried out by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, there were more 600,000 hair transplant surgeries performed in 2016 alone. Imagine what that number will be by now. More people, instead of digging deep to find healthier solutions, are opting for hair transplant methods.

However, hair transplant has a big price tag and other serious drawbacks! So lots of people are looking for alternatives to deal with hair loss problem in Edmonton.

restore your hair naturally
restore your hair naturally


Drawbacks of Hair Transplant

Like every other thing in life, hair implant surgery comes with its pros and cons. However, its drawbacks, as we will see in the following lines, far outweigh its advantages.

1- Expensive Surgical Procedure

This depends on several factors, including, the extent of hair loss and the procedure type. But, it doesn’t change the fact that you have to spend quite the sum to get a hair implant surgery.

Asides splashing your hard-earned cash, the procedure also involves having to endure pain. Although local anesthetic is usually given, you may still suffer scaring after the whole procedure. Of course, there’s the little issue of feeling pain and soreness at the transplant area.

Further, a hair transplant is categorized as a cosmetic procedure. What this means is, it’s not covered by health insurance. So get ready to dig deep into your purse to fund the hair-restoration method.

2- The Risk of Infection

No matter how experienced surgeons are, they can still make mistakes. As human beings, they’re bound to make errors. And these errors can cause nerve damage at the target site.

There are also chances – although minimal – of suffering from excessive bleeding and infections.

3- Recurrent Hair Loss

Do you know you can lose the same hair you spent thousands to transplant? The possibility of this occurring is extremely low. However, it’s not impossible. Patients that use this method may experience hair loss in the newly transplanted hairs.

In some cases, the transplanted hair may die and fall out with no signs of re-growing. In other cases, hair loss is a temporary one, as hair loss is just shedding of hairs. This means hair eventually grows back after a short duration.

Complications of Hair Transplant

These can also be classified as the disadvantages of opting for the surgical procedure when it comes to a hair transplant. As it involves certain parts of the body, the following complications can occur within a few weeks after the hair transplant:


As mentioned above, cuts that are not well wound up can become a source through which germs will enter the body

Bleeding: You can lose a lot of blood if the hair transplant goes awry


During the recovery period, you’ll have to live with appearances on your skin that appear like bruises

Swelling of the Scalp

This is yet another complication that comes with choosing a hair transplant as an option. You will notice crusts forming on the areas of the scalp where hair was removed or implanted. There are chances that you will feel temporarily numb in these areas or be unable to feel a sensation on the treated areas of the scalp


There’ll be an increased urge to itch the area


This is a condition where the hair follicles become inflamed or infected

Unnatural-looking Hair

It doesn’t matter if it’s done by an experienced surgeon or not; hair transplants will still look unnatural and out of place.


Therefore, lots of people with hair loss are in search for an effective way to deal with hair loss, without going through the hassel of the hair transplant surgery.

Alternatives to Hair Transplant

There are more than enough alternatives to hair transplants. If you have suffered hair loss, the following are some other options you should consider:

  • Plasma injection in the sculp
  • Laser Therapy
  • prescribed medication
Hair loss treatment in men Edmonton
Hair loss treatment in men Edmonton


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Plasma injection in the sculp

The PRP injection in the sculp is a common use for the hair loss and skin rejuvenation. Read more about this treatment here



Laser Therapy

Fotona laser hair restoration therapy is safe, painless, and FDA-approved. The innovative laser piano mode involves the use of lasers to increase blood flow towards the affected area. This, in turn, helps the hair follicle to grow faster and stronger. During the process, your doctor will deliver a strong pulse of energy to the area to build heat in the scalp area.



prescribed medication

Please contact your family docotr to discuss these options.

Why Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center In Edmonton?

We combined the three approach together to form an effective protocol for as hair implant alternative. The boost of laser light enlivens the weaken follicles while stimulating the root at the cellular level. It also stimulates growth factors, reversing the thinning process. What’s more, it helps to restore and extend your hair growth natural cycles.


fotona laser hair loss treatment
fotona laser hair loss treatment


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