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Body contouring using different

machines and technologies 


None-invasive body shaping treatment:

Different machines utilize different technologies with different mechanisms of action. Cool-shaping and Coolscuplting work through a procedure called “cryolipolysis’. Kuam Shape and sculpsure work via opposite mechanisms of action.  Fat cells or adipocytes are more sensitive to low and high temperatures than the other body cells. Cool-shaping and coolsculpting works through fat freezing in the cells to sub-zero to triggers a programmed cell elimination called apoptosis. After the coolshaping or consulting session, the fat freezing in the cells and thaw again, the fat cell membrane will dissolve releasing the content to the lymph system. Therefore, the result of coolshaping and coolsculpting are not instant but is permanent. It takes about 90 days to see the end results. sing Coolsculping and coolshaping are ideal for people who are within their normal weight but looking to shape their body and get rid of stubborn fat in difficult areas such as love handles and muffin tops. Coolsculpting and coolshaping are not considered as weight loss procedures. Kuma shape and sculpsure trigger apoptosis through high temperature to reach the same end results

Please watch this video for some amazing results achieved at our clinic using different machine’s combination

Combining different body shaping and fat freezing technologies Is The Answer

Each technology provide one advantage in the fat reduction and body shaping that is not available in the others. The machine that works through low temperature such as Coolsculpting and Coolshaping helps with fat reduction but does not provide any skin tightening. Other machines that works though high temperature such as Sculpure and Kuma shape provide less fat reduction but higher effect on the skin tighteing. Therefore combining more than one technology will have better results and more permanent body shaping and slimming results.

Please watch this video to know more about the cool-shaping and coolsculpting

Albany cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton is highly equipped with different body slimming machines to achieve best results for fat reduction and body shaping. Our client satisfaction rate is excellent, as every client get a free consultation before starting the process. It is important to understand that body shaping are not weight loss procedures and have limitation. Clients will not notice a difference in their weight but will lose inches of their sizes. The ideal candidate for Coolsculpting, Coolshaping, Sculpsure, Kuma shape are individuals with close to ideal weight (not more than 30 BMI) and would like to have sexier curves and target specific areas.


Coolsculpting is a trade name for a cryolipolysis machine owned by Allergan and Sculpsure is a brand name for a laser body shaping machine owned by Cynosure.

Albany cosmetic and laser center in Edmonton does not own these machines and does not claim to provide services related to Coolscupting and sculpsure, However, we provide alternatives body-shaping machines with similar or even better results.


Current developments in body shaping innovation have made it possible for people to have that perfect look. Since CoolSculpting is a viable alternative for getting rid of undesirable fat bulge the, how can one know the ideal treatment options one?

Tummy tuck, as cosmetic surgical treatment, has been the basic procedure for contouring and reshaping the waistline after childbirth. However, a non-invasive alternative is now available— CoolSculpting. Therefore, what are the differences between the two? Let us find out!

What is CoolScupting (Fat Freezing)?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, a non-surgical treatment that helps remove unwanted fat by freezing the fat cells. Also, CoolSculpting makes use of a remarkable technology called Cryolipolysis to remove undesirable fat pockets without damaging your skin.

How long does it take to perform COOLSHAPING?

CoolScupting is by a specialist and requires about 1 hour to complete the treatment. Also, CoolScupting does not require any downtime.

What are the side effects of CoolScupting (Fat Freezing)?

The side effects of CoolScupting are mild and generally short-lived. Some side effects include swelling, soreness, and redness.

Who are ideal candidates for Fat Freezing in Edmonton

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved procedure used by both men and women to achieve their desired look. The perfect candidate has visible bulges in specific areas that they would want to remove. Also, ideal candidates are those who want a non-invasive alternative to tummy tuck.

What is tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck procedure helps removes undesirable fat and sagging skin from your midriff. Also, it can tighten your stomach muscles to make it look firmer and flatter. During the surgery, the surgeon combines muscle repair, liposuction, and the removal of excess skin to fundamentally change the feel and appearance of your stomach area.

How long does it take to perform tummy tuck?

With a tummy tuck, you need about 6 weeks to recover and it depends on the medical procedure.

What are the side effects of a tummy tuck?

Common side effects following a tummy tuck procedure include pain and discomfort, numbness around the tummy, scarring, swelling, bruising, and more.

Fat weight gain/weight loss cycles along with the significant extent of skin stretch, such as after delivery, is considered the number indication for tummy tuck

Who are ideal candidates for tummy tuck?

The ideal candidates for this procedure are women who have conceived or individuals with a stretched tummy as a result of rapid weight loss or weight gain.

So, to choose which is ideal for you, here are a few interesting points to consider:

Is your skin loose and saggy?

If the troubles of your tummy include unwanted skin tissues, a tummy tuck might be the best most option. While CoolSculpting offers a minimal firming effect, it can’t remove excess flaps or folds that regularly come with weight reduction, pregnancy, and aging.

How long do you have to recuperate?

The recovery time for this invasive treatment is very extensive compared to a non-surgical treatment like CoolSculpting. If you cannot devote one week off to recuperate from a tummy tuck procedure, then you should consider CoolSculpting.

Do you want dramatic results?

Patients who are genuinely comfortable with their waists, but some bulges are typically perfect candidates for CoolSculpting. Assuming, you are searching for more significant enhancement, a tummy tuck is a good choice.  The procedure (tummy tuck) Belly tuck offers dramatic results than CoolSculpting as it does not only remove pockets of fat, it also eliminates excess skin and tightens the muscles of the abdomen.

Furthermore, Tummy tuck procedure can be modified, but it depends on the fat and skin you want to remove. Some patients may require a mini tuck while others may need a total tummy tuck with muscle tightening. Consequently, this method removes fat and skin from the waist and back region.

What is your budget?

The costs of an extended tummy tuck procedure (including liposuction) range from $11,000 to $12,000. However, the average price of a tummy tuck is approximately $5,500.

On the other hand, CoolSculpting costs about $600 to $1,200 for each area. Some patients totally enhance their bodies with a budget of $2,000 to $4,000, but it depends on the areas you want to treat and treatment sessions.

Do you feel comfortable with scarring?

A tummy tuck procedure gives scars and it is commonly extensive. While the scars will not fade away completely, they do diminish significantly with time. Also, you can cover the scars easily with various clothing.

Aftercare tips

With the adequate rest and the right drugs, most patients can control pain after the procedure. After surgery, patients are encouraged to stay away from exertion; however, light strolling around the house is advised to avoid constipation and to maintain blood circulation. For CoolSculpting, wear comfortable clothing and move around in order to reduce inflammation and pain.

The bottom line

CoolSculpting is the perfect body contouring treatment for patients who don’t want to go under the knife and want fast results. Another advantage is that CoolSculpting is generally cheap when compared to some intensive surgical procedure. Sadly, while CoolSculpting technology is an effective body contouring option, it may not work for you as each individual have a unique problem area.

Due to the fact that CoolSculpting is non-invasive, ideal candidates will see approximately 20 to 30% decrease in fat from that particular treatment area in approximately 2 months from the period of the procedure.

During the waiting period, your body will begin to eliminate the dead and frozen fat cells. CoolSculpting results are incredible, but if a reduction of over 30% of fat is required then a tummy tuck may be a good solution for you.

For a tummy tuck, you need more recovery time and it cost more than a CoolSculpting treatment. Nevertheless, tummy tuck delivers long-lasting and remarkable results. If you want a radical, extraordinary body shaping procedure that can’t be replicated with other treatment, then a tummy tuck is definitely the ideal solution for you. If you want to look your best, then the required downtime is worth it.

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