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Many people are not born with attractive, well-formed buttocks, and some have required surgical fat grafting to improve their buttock shape cosmetically. The new technology makes it possible to enhance the balloon volume without invasive surgery or implants and achieve a more rounded and beautiful appearance. Are you dissatisfied with your buttocks’ shape, size, or contour? Sculptra Buttlift is a non-invasive volumizer that instantly adds volume to the buttocks. Surgeons harvest fat from another body region for this procedure, although many people are physically fit and lack the necessary fat. With a Sculptra Buttlift, you can achieve the smooth, round buttocks you desire.

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What is Sculptra? 

Sculptra is an injectable filler of poly-L-lactic acid to add volume and correct deep wrinkles in both body and face. Unlike hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane, which produce immediate results by physically lifting the skin, Sculptra works more gradually by stimulating collagen production that improves over time. You may observe an instant filling effect following the injections of poly-L-lactic acid, but this is mere because they also contain water. After a few days, the skin returns to its usual form. The magic begins only once the skin absorbs the microparticles, and the body is fooled into reproducing the lost collagen.

How does Sculptra Buttlift work?

Sculptra Buttlift (buttock augmentation) in Edmonton is a treatment especially developed to give volume and shape to a flat butt while stimulating the natural growth of collagen. The product is injected beneath the skin in a fast procedure without downtime. The filling ensures that the body produces more collagen when filling cases and fallen tissue and produces outcomes that can last up to two years. Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) might use a combination of filler and threads to achieve better lifting.

Advantages of Sculptra Buttlift

This treatment is the perfect way to create a more pleasant gluteal contour for thinner patients. The benefits include:

  • There is no need for anesthesia.
  • Bring volume to a butt or a little bit.
  • Short recovery time
  • Results look natural, rounder, firmer in the back.
  • It only takes approximately 30 minutes to play.
  • It brings subtle force and volume for a more attractive body contour
  • Minimally invasive, non-surgical
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Do I need a Sculptra Buttlift?

A small flat butt may not be as you imagine. Most people looking for gluteal enhancement treatments are candidates for a Sculptra Buttlift. Are you ready to change the contours of your body and create a more attractive shape for your buttocks?

A Sculptra Buttlift may be suitable for you if:

  • Want to increase the size, volume, and rounded appearance of your butt, and you do not want surgery. 
  • Do not have adequate excess fat to transfer fat with your fat.
  • I wish to avoid the downtime and risks associated with other invasive procedures.
  • You want to bring a high look to your buttocks.
  • Have a stable weight.

Who is a good candidate?

Patients with flat or drooping buttocks, or those who lack buttocks, may be candidates for Sculptra Buttlift. These clients must moderate their expectations and be content with small adjustments, or they must contemplate surgery. As with any other volumizer, patients who have had serious allergic reactions to fillings in the past may be ineligible for Sculptra Buttlift. We request that the client come in for a consultation with Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) to see if they are an appropriate fit. Dr. Kamal (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) uses a blunt cannula to minimize bruising and discomfort. Sculptra results in long-term improvements in the height and fullness of Sculptra, which appear gradually over three months.

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How long is the Sculptra Buttlift procedure?

It depends on the number of vials we plan to inject in the treatment area but on average, 1.5 hours. This would include filling the forms and applying the local lidocaine cream to increase the level of comfort. We also give you breaks as require

How long does Sculptra's Buttlift recovery take?

Recovery is minimal, and you can immediately resume most of your normal activities. However, you may have to bruise for a week or two after the treatment, and you may feel pain a few days after the procedure.

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Is Plasmascult good for a butt lift?

The costs of a Sculptra diaper lift vary depending on your aesthetic goals and the amount of volume you want to add to your gluteal muscles. Our starter butt lift package is $4000. However, the price may increase if we need more Sculptra.

Sculptra is the ideal recovery procedure for the “patient.” Because your body requires time to make new collagen, the results cannot be immediate. But patience has advantages because the new volume is that of the fabric. Sculptra results in natural, smooth, and uniform collagen layers that “age.

As with all injectables, the technique is essential to achieve the best possible result. For this reason, conscious patients will choose a dermatologist or surgeon with the specific knowledge necessary for anatomy and extensive experience. Doing a Brazilian butt lift with Sculptra is a straightforward procedure to perform. Liposuction is unnecessary; there is no cure/pain of fat harvesting, there is no need to sit on donuts. Most cases last between 2 and four treatments.

Sculptra Butt Lift Recovery in Edmonton

You will first notice an increase in volume due to the sterile water used to suspend the Sculptra particles before injection. As a result, your body will absorb this water naturally within the first two days following your treatment.

We recommend that patients massage the filler area in their buttocks five days after surgery to ensure that the Sculptra particles are evenly dispersed throughout their buttocks. This results in a more balanced and full appearance.

It’s critical to be patient since effects will surface gradually, and the form of your buttocks will continue to improve as you get follow-up treatments over the next few months. Once your desired outcomes are accomplished, they will be sustainable. For 2-3 years, Sculptra can improve the look of the buttocks. If you wish to maintain your results for an extended period, you will need to take another course of injections. While Sculptra has an excellent safety record, as with any injection, some side effects are possible.


results showed on our website vary from patient to patient. We cannot guarantee any results.

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