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The year is just beginning and that loose fat around your waist and side doesn’t look. It doesn’t do much for the energy and the way you want to feel this year right? Now is the time to get rid of that excess fat.



Coincidentally, nothing helps you through a year like confidence. Love handles removal is a great confidence boost for every woman. Let me show you how to lose your love handles, thank me later for how your year goes. This post will discuss the causes of love handles and different method to remove them including non-invasive body shaping treatments such as CoolSculpting and SculpSure.

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What exactly are love handles?

Also called Muffin Top, love handles is the excess fat on the side and waist that hangs over the top of your pants. With love handles, you are slow to wear clingy dresses because the bulge and the folds are embarrassing. This may even make you cancel dates and hangouts out of frustration. Love handles undermine self-confidence. To boost your self-esteem this year, removing your love handles is paramount.

What creates love handles?

It is good that everyone wants to lose fat and love handles. But it is also important to know why and how they got there. This knowledge is very useful as you work towards love handles removal. It also helps you prevent its reappearance after removal.

Undoubtedly, fat is what accumulates on the side and waist to form muffin top, but why? These are the major factors:

-    Consumption of unhealthy fat

-    The absence of fruits and fiber in a diet

-    Lack of exercise

-    Stress

-    Lack of sleep

-    Sedentary lifestyle


Watch the following two videos to  know more about CoolSculpting and KumaShape





Love handles removal

The secret to losing love handles and staying healthy lies in a change in food choices and habit. This may sound like a Herculean task, but it is possible and you can do it. Therefore, the following changes will help you lose your love handles:

  •  Choose healthy fats
  •  Eliminate added sugars
  •  More fiber-rich foods
  •  More protein-rich foods
  •  Stress less
  •  Get enough sleep
  •  Make your day active
  • Cardio exercise
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Body shaping machines such as CoolSculpting and Sculpsure
  • Lipdissolving meso injections

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Choose healthy fats

Healthy fat options are all around you. Avocados, fatty fish, seeds, nuts, and olive oil, are found everywhere. They contain healthy fats that are beneficial to health and weight. Replacing your cooking oils with olive oil and adding a slice of avocado to meals is a starting point. A study showed that people who consumed avocado weighed less and had less belly fat.

Furthermore, these fats taste better. They are more delicious and makes you feel full. This way, you tend to consume lower calories every day.

Eliminate added sugars

Added sugars found in candies, sodas, cookies, and beverages leads to increased body fat, especially in the waistline. Studies have shown that fructose, especially the one in sweetened drinks increase belly fat. Added sugars are not natural, they contain high calories but low nutrients. Get rid of them and watch as your body fat reduces, and that includes your muffin top.

More fiber-rich foods

Vegetables, beans, oats, and fruits are all rich in fiber. Fiber is always on weight loss regimens because of its ability to rid the body of stubborn fat. Soluble fiber is healthy and makes you feel full for a long period. This reduces the feeling of hunger, and thus, lowers the number of calories you consume daily. The lower the calories you take, the lower your weight. Plus, fiber is packed with the right nutrients that your body needs.

More protein-rich foods

Like fiber, protein keeps you full and reduces the urge to snack. Meals with high-quality proteins effectively reduce belly fat. Proteins like seafood, eggs, seeds, legumes, and poultry will help you on this journey.

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Stress less

Stress naturally triggers the production of cortisol (a hormone). This is normal, but excess exposure to this hormone causes weight gain, digestive issues, and anxiety. A lot of studies have shown that weight gain as a result of exposure to cortisol is more in the waistline. So it’s time to take things easy. Rest, meditate and become a Yogi. All these reduce cortisol levels.

Get enough sleep

Still, on excess cortisol production, lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels. Sleep more and prevent yourself from gaining weight as a result of sleep deprivation. Seven or eight hours sleep is enough sleep for you. Make sure you get it because, apart from weight, sleep also helps prevent obesity and diabetes.

Make your day active

Interestingly, an active day means that you burn more calories daily. What I am referring to here isn’t exercise. I am referring to things like taking the stairs rather than the elevator or pacing during a call. Sitting for too long isn’t good for the health and waistline. You can get a pedometer to track how much activity (moving around) you do daily.

Cardio exercises

Meanwhile, by increasing heart rate, cardiovascular and aerobics helps to burn calories. This exercise can help burn the excess fat on your waistline. You don’t have to work out like the Pros. You can begin by swimming, brisk walking and using the elliptical machine. Whichever you choose, put in at least 20 minutes daily.

love handles workout
love handles workout

-High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Taking exercise a step further, you should try high-intensity interval training. It includes short bursts of intense aerobics. They are interesting workouts because they are quick and effective at making the body lose fat. You spend less time in the gym, but get more done. Just the right solution for those love handles.

Furthermore, eating less processed foods and including complex carbs in your diet are dietary changes that also help. Remember, for the best results, consistency is important.

Body shaping machines

Coolsculpting and Sculpsure and their alternatives such as CoolShaping and KumaShape are an amazing tool to help exercise and healthy lifestyle to get rid of love handles and other stubborn fatty areas. The CoolSculpting freezes the unwanted fats away using cryolipolysis mechanism and SculpSure dissolve the fats using energy lipolysis.

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Lipdissolving meso injections

when injection into the fat tissue, these tiny needles help to disrupt the fat cell membrane and dissolve it. The main active ingredient is deoxycholic acid which is in Kybella that is used for double chine removal

What’s more?

You can choose a more permanent option – body shaping. Yes, at Albany Laser and Cosmetics Centre, we can help you regain your confidence. As a client-friendly center, we offer counseling to help you decide what is best for you.

For a one-stop center that offers all, you need to love your body better, book an appointment today. We will give your body the boost it needs to help you have a great year.

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  1. Pearl

    Love handles is definitely not a good sight. I had that for months and it really gave my confidence a nose dive. But after removing it, I’ve one less thing to worry about.

  2. Kabirat

    Love handles removal is a great confidence boost no doubt. Before I got mine removed, I never wore any revealing clothes and always turned down any invitation to go swimming with friends or any other occasion where I’ll wear an open cloth. Good thing Albany was able to help get it done.

  3. Joyce

    Gosh. This post about love handles removal has really set me on my toes. I’ve actually tried some slimming teas and no good result. Maybe a sculpture is going to help me out of the situation right now.

  4. Pamela

    Okay. I may be guilty of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. Maybe I’ll take those serious after the coolsculpting I’m going to undergo in a week’s time.

  5. Bethany

    Thanks for this post. The article really touched a lot I have been interested in. Having this center in Edmonton is a good thing and I’m definitely dropping in for a consultation.

  6. Vanessa

    This lipdissolving meso injection sounds like a brilliant way for me to lose my own love handle as I’ve tried some things and haven’t really noticed any change.

  7. Jane

    Wow. Lots of helpful tips on here. Thanks for this article on love handles removal with coolsculpting. I love the tips and I’m definitely going to be very serious about working on them to get rid of my own love handle.

  8. Remmy

    I sure got the boost I needed to help me have a great year. This new year kicked off with a great start and Albany laser center made it possible for me to flaunt well of recent.

  9. Adelia

    The coolsculpting freezes the unwanted fats away and sculpsure dissolves the fats. that sure looks safe and easy. I also learned it’s not expensive and I’m already giving it a thought here.

  10. Angela

    Thanks, Doc for this post. A friend shared it with me and I’m really impressed with the information it contains. I’m also going to share the video with friends and see what they say about the Kuma shape.

  11. Vanessa

    Ahh, Muffin Top! Perfect name for what I looked like before I had my love handles removed! It was not a sight to behold and honestly, I’ve canceled a lot of outings because of it. This actually spoilt my social life and I just couldn’t wait to get back to my old self. I was lucky to hear about this center when I visited Edmonton and I wasted no time in booking an appointment and I was helped. I love my new look now and really can’t trade it for anything.

  12. Maria

    Honestly, because the bulge and the folds on the stomach and waist are embarrassing, I don’t think about wearing body fitted clothes or bikinis. I quite agree that nothing helps you through a year like confidence and not having this love handles would be a great confidence boost for me.

  13. MARY

    Hmm. This love handles in Edmonton post has sure opened my eyes. I believe if I can work towards eliminating added sugars, especially the one in the sweetened drinks I consume daily, I’ll be good as my body fat reduces, and that includes the muffin top.

  14. Devine

    I really appreciate you all taking your time to ensure that people with skin issues are helped and I bet they will always go out to tell people about the centre like I always do. My last appointment was a success and I’m so glad it came out fine. I really love it and I never fail to tell my friends and family about it. Keep up the good job!

  15. Sarah

    Wow! You guys rock! I can’t believe I got all these tips for free and they are already working! I’ve reduced stress, sleep and exercise more too. I also noticed fat reduction around my waistline and I totally owe it all to you all at albany centre in Edmonton. Thanks a lot for your constant help.

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