Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions

This post explains the Fraxel Pre and Post-treatment instructions to maximize efficiency and minimize risks and downtime in Edmonton




Fraxel is a fraction laser with dual wavelengths that is the golden standard as skin resurfacing treatment.

Skin tightening

this treatment wipes out fine wrinkles and stimulates new collagen generation and more delicate texture

Scar and Stretch marks

Fraxel laser improves the production of collagen by invigorating the dermis layer and encourages new cell development on the epidermis to smooth out the highest point of the scar and stretch marks.


We combine Fraxel with other treatments such as silk peel and microneedling for pigmentation and melasma treatment


This mainly depends on the skin condition and the lesion. Generally speaking,  a client may  need 3 sessions three months apart

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Stop other topicals

A client has to stopGlycolic acid and Retin-A (topical and oral) at least 1 week before the treatment. The continuation of the treatment depends on the treatment and the response to the Fraxel treatment.

Minimize sun Exposure

Make sure to protect the skin from prolonged sun exposure by using 30+ SPF sunblock or covering the area with clothes.

Cold Sores

We advise People with a history of cold sore to take a protective antiviral medication course 1 day before the treatment.

Pain management

We advise People with low pain tolerance to apply freezing cream at least a couple of hours before starting the procedure. For people with high pain tolerance, it takes about 15 min for the freezing cream to work efficiently, so please allow enough time by arriving early.


Most patients describe the treatment as an expanded vibe of medium to mild heat during the course of the treatment. We apply a special freezing cream for 15 min before the Fraxel treatment to limit the discomfort during the laser treatment. The cooling nozzle integrates the Fraxel Dual handpiece is to reduce pain and make the whole procedure more comfortable. After the treatment, most patients feel like they have a sunburn, which generally reduces in 1 to 3 hours.

Post Treatment instructions?

we advise patients to use cooling methods such as cold compresses on an hourly basis for the first day after treatment. It may help to elevate your head while sleeping by using two pillows on the night after the Fraxel resurfacing laser.


fraxel progression

Patients might experience worsening in the redness and swelling for the next two or three days after treatment. Some dark spots may appear after treatment and the skin color might change to be bronze. The skin texture might be described as sandpaper and the out layers will start flake and peel too and it will be replaced with a fresh new skin, this is what resurfacing means. The sloughing process starts 3-4 days after the treatment and it might continue for 1-2 weeks after. The severity of the side effect and the length of the healing process mainly depends on the setting used during the treatment. the higher setting produces a more aggressive treatment and longer downtime, but better results.

After two weeks, the baby fresh skin might stay rosy pink for more two weeks. Patients are free to use makeup to cover it if they do not like the pink color.


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