Coolsculpting and fat reduction, questions and answers part 4

Are CoolSculpting and cool shaping safe for fat reduction and body shaping?

Is there any risk? More than a cumulative 1 million CoolSculpting and coolshaping treatments for fat reduction and body shaping have been performed. No systemic health risk or anything beyond those mild local side effects has been observed. There are two reasons why it’s so safe use for fat reduction and body shaping. First, is the basic physiology of the tissues. Fat has a melting point that is going to be much higher in temperature than skin, muscle, bone or nerves. A good example is, if you think of a stick of butter, when you have it out and it’s totally melted, you can put it in a refrigerator and it will return to a solid very quickly at a temperature where a cup of water would never turn into ice. Water requires a much colder temperature to freeze. That essentially is showing you that fat is the only tissue in the body that is so sensitive to cold which makes it perfect for fat reduction and body shaping. cold. It naturally is going to be the only one that’s affected at the temperatures used with CoolSculpting cool shaping safe for fat reduction and body shaping. If a temperature that was way too low were applied, your skin would freeze and you would have frostbite. You could also damage the muscle and have muscle necrosis. The way that’s prevented is the actual engineering of the CoolSculpting and cool shaping machine for fat reduction and body shaping, which has lots of safeguards designed into it. The temperature range is very carefully maintained in a safe zone for freezing fat and nothing else. If there is any risk of the temperature going outside of the ideal treatment zone that is safe for fat reduction and body shaping it automatically stops to protect the patient from a thermal event. It’s really well designed and it does have safety at the forefront of the whole process. There’s a constant feedback with the surface temperature of the tissue. If it gets too warm or too cold, it will automatically cut off to protect the patient from a thermal event.


Are there any patients that do not respond to CoolSculpting and cool shaping safe for fat reduction and body shaping and don’t seem to lose the fat and dimensions, but that has not gained weight?

There is a small group of people that have been documented in literature called Cryolipolysis non-responders. The CoolSculpting and cool shaping safe for fat reduction and body shaping process just does not work basically is what it means and it is extremely rare. There is no way to test a patient in advance to see his response to Coolsculpting for fat reduction and I’ve only had this happen one time. In a case like this we would provide an alternative solution for the patient and make it right for them. Patients might want to ask their provider what are the odds that CoolSculpting and coolshaping safe for fat reduction won’t work for them and what they will do if the CoolSculpting process doesn’t work, if anything. This would be an important question to ask providers that don’t offer alternative procedures for fat reduction and body shaping.


How do CoolSculpting and Coolshaping differ from other fat removal and body shaping techniques, such as Liposuction?

Liposuction is pretty much a direct comparison, although it’s a surgical technique and there are also other body shaping and fat reduction surgeries that address skin laxity like a tummy tuck for the abdomen or an arm lift for the upper arms or a thigh lift for the inner thighs. Those are all procedures that are recommended where you not only have excess fat but you have a lot of loose skin, maybe because of weight loss. Sometimes people are looking for CoolSculpting and coolshaping as a solution but they have loose floppy skin under their arms, as an example. CoolSculpting would probably only make it worse because if you take out the remaining fat it’s only going to be more deflated and floppier. That person is a better candidate for brachioplasty or an upper arm lift. The body shaping and fat reduction procedure that is more of a direct corollary to CoolSculpting is traditionally Liposuction because that will give you similar results. The main benefit to CoolSculpting and coolshaping for body shaping and fat reduction overall is that it’s non-surgical. There’s no surgery; there’s no downtime. For some people that’s a prerequisite either because they are a very frail and have poor health and can not undergo even gentle anesthetics. Some people are afraid of surgery and just adverse to the ideas of knives and needles. Others maybe just can’t even take a week off of work to recover because they don’t have that opportunity. If surgery is completely out of the question, this is a very viable alternative for fat reduction and body shaping. You can get the same type of results albeit potentially slower and maybe with repeated treatments. It might be your only option. There are other non-surgical body shaping and fat reduction methods that have been attempted and that are advertised. Some of these do something similar with cold temperatures and others use ultrasound, warming techniques and even LED light therapy. In my opinion though, these other techniques are viable alternatives to CoolSculpting for body shaping and fat reduction special in combination.


If a patient is interested in CoolSculpting how should they select a medical provider to have the best chances of success?

This is a very important question. A variety of medical providers offer CoolSculpting and other body shaping and fat removal services. As mentioned earlier, it is important for the patient to choose a place with professional medical staff and long experience with the body shaping and fat reduction to be able to design the best package and choose the correct setting for body shaping and fat removal best results.

If a patient only needs body contouring, how does the cost of CoolSculpting and coolshaping for body shaping and fat removal compare with cost of Liposuction?

It really depends on the amount of areas that we need to treat and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. If it’s a small amount that we’re treating, is going to end up being about the same cost. If it’s just a one-time treatment to love handles or thighs, it will usually be about the same or maybe a little less with CoolSculpting. For larger areas, larger volume, repeat treatments, CoolSculpting and coolshaping for fat reduction and body shaping almost always ends up costing more. That’s an important thing to take in consideration if you’re a good candidate for either procedure.



Dr. Kamal Alhallak

Ph.D., MSc, CDE, CRE, APA, MBA candidate




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