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How much research did you conduct prior to deciding to offer Coolsculpting and fat removal treatments? I did a lot of research before purchasing the Coolsculpting device, receiving training, and beginning to use it, as I wanted to determine if it was effective and safe. It was quickly established that it was safe, but the question of efficacy remained, because for one thing, the equipment is quite expensive, and the cost to the patient is also quite high. You don’t want to waste money on something that is ineffective, and I have seen numerous devices that claim to slim your body or assist you in losing unwanted fat that are actually ineffective. I was a little sceptical at first, but I did my due diligence in conducting research. After a few years, there were numerous clinical studies and numerous anecdotal reports from other surgeons, whom I know and trust, claiming to have achieved excellent results. After that, I decided to make it available to my patients.

What happens during a session of fat removal and body shaping?

We have a private room dedicated entirely to CoolSculpting. There’s television, Netflix, and other streaming options, as well as Wi-Fi because you’re going to need something to keep you occupied. You are capable of reading. You are free to sleep. You will be dressed in a robe and prepared by one of our nurses. The nurse will acclimate you to the procedure and then prepare you to apply the applicator. The applicator is designed in such a way that a thin layer of film is always applied over the skin to help protect it from frostbite. That is critical. The applicator is placed over the film and the area to be treated for body shaping, and a vacuum draws the area to be treated in, creating a good seal. The apparatus includes an integrated timer that begins counting down the cycle. Once that cycle is complete, the nurse is paged, and the nurse removes the applicator and repeats the procedure on another part of the body.


How long do a body shaping and fat removal treatment session last?

With a few notable exceptions, body shaping treatments last one hour per area. Two hours if the outer thighs or posterior thighs are being treated. Generally, no one will come in for treatment fat removal on a single area. It will either be bilateral, meaning on both sides, resulting in two spots, or it will be widespread throughout the body.

How long do a body shaping and fat removal treatment session last?

With the exception of a few noted areas, the treatment time is one hour per area. Two hours if the outer thighs or posterior thighs are being treated. Generally, no one will seek treatment for a single area. It will either be bilateral, meaning on both sides, resulting in two spots, or it will be widespread throughout the body. For instance, the most frequently seen areas are the abdomen and flanks, or the abdomen, tummy, and love handles. The patient will typically require six to eight treatment cycles, as you will use your applicator approximately four times in the front and twice on each side. Eight treatment cycles correspond to eight hours of treatment time. It is possible to complete the task in a single day. The majority of people will divide something that lengthy into two days. Between cycles, there is some turnover. As a result, we always add time. Although you are only scheduled for four hours of treatment, you may find yourself in the office for five hours or more.

What does the patient feel during the body shaping and fat removal procedure?

Is there any discomfort involved? You will feel a squeeze on the majority of the body parts being treated. As the vacuum sets in, it’s as if a tight pressure is applied, sucking the fatty part into the applicator. It will feel tight and squeezed for about two or three minutes until you adjust, and the cold will numb that area of the body, so you will experience no sensation for the remainder of your treatment. After it’s removed, the area is massaged for a few minutes to promote circulation and to restore it to its normal shape, as it’s been suctioned up into the applicator, and it may feel a little bit like pins and needles or as if the skin is still asleep in that area. This sensation may last up to a week. There is never genuine pain involved. There are very few reports of patients reporting any pain. Nobody I’ve ever treated has ever experienced significant post-treatment pain or required prescription pain medications or anything along those lines. Typically, the skin feels drowsy, tingly, or pins and needles for a few days. Then everything returns to normal.

Does the patient require any recovery time following body shaping and fat reduction treatment?

There is no downtime associated with CoolSculpting. You can return to work immediately following treatment. You can visit a gym. You may engage in any type of physical activity you wish immediately following the treatment, or up to five minutes afterward. You are not aware of any discomfort in that area. There is no edema. There are no constraints. That is truly the primary benefit of the non-surgical technique. Even with a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, you’ll experience some soreness or bruising, though it may not be severe enough to keep you down. You will not be completely recovered immediately the following liposuction.

Are there any additional side effects associated with body shaping and slimming treatments?

Occasionally, a bruise may form as a result of the suction. That will most likely resolve itself within a couple of weeks. There may be temporary changes in skin sensation. Personally, the only adverse effect I’ve ever noticed was a very slight darkening of the skin. It appeared to be a very mild suntan that lasted several months in that area of the outer thigh. That is a rare occurrence and the only time I have ever observed anything other than the other two mild side effects. It is extremely safe, and CoolSculpting has a very long history of treatment in both research and practice.

How long does it take for CoolSculpting to show results?

Are the outcomes irreversible? Patients will begin to notice results after approximately one to two months. The true final result is not visible for approximately three months. As with liposuction, the results are considered permanent because the fat cells have been permanently removed; however, this does not preclude a recurrence due to a change in lifestyle. You experience a recurrence as a result of a change in your lifestyle. You must draw the distinction. The fat cells that we treat are eliminated permanently, as each person is born with a limited number of fat cells. Whether fat cells are removed mechanically via liposuction or non-invasively via CoolSculpting, they are permanently removed. You will never produce additional fat cells; however, if your lifestyle or diet changes and you begin consuming more calories and becoming less active, you may gain weight. This is because fat cells in your body, including those remaining in treated areas, have the ability to expand in size. Fat cells act as a reservoir and can expand or contract.

Is it necessary for the average patient to undergo multiple treatments or is a single body shaping treatment sufficient?

Both scenarios are possible. Generally, if it’s clear that they’re going to want a result that cannot be achieved with a single treatment, we’ll plan for at least two at the outset. Then, your second treatment can begin as soon as one month after the first. Many people are unsure and will undergo one treatment and wait to see the outcome before deciding on a second body shaping procedure. In that case, we will wait the full three months before making a decision based on the outcome of the initial treatment. Many people will choose to continue with another, while others are content with just one.


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