Correcting a Right-Deviated Nose with Fillers at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

Do you have a deviated nose that affects your self-esteem? You’re not alone. Many individuals struggle with the appearance of their noses, whether it’s due to an injury, genetics, or other factors. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we offer a non-surgical solution to correct a deviated nose using dermal fillers. In this blog post, we will discuss how we corrected a right-deviated nose using fillers, the process, and the cost involved.

Case Study: Correcting a Right-Deviated Nose with Fillers

Our client had a right-deviated nose, which caused a right reflection in the top-right bridge area and bottom-left nostril area. To correct this issue, we used dermal fillers, which are safe and effective injectable substances that can add volume and structure to the face.

Procedure: We performed the correction using a blunt cannula and only two entry points. This minimally invasive technique significantly reduces the risk of bruising, swelling, and other complications. The procedure was relatively quick and virtually painless.

  1. The top-right bridge area: The first injection site was the top-right bridge of the nose. This area was carefully filled with dermal filler to create a more symmetrical and aligned appearance.
  2. The bottom-left nostril area: The second injection site was the bottom-left nostril area. Filling this area helped to further straighten the nose and improve overall balance.


Our client was delighted with the results, which were noticeable immediately after the procedure. Their nose appeared straighter, and the right reflection was significantly reduced. The results will last for several months before touch-ups may be required, depending on the type of filler used and individual factors.


At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we pride ourselves on providing affordable and high-quality services. The cost of this particular nose correction procedure was $450. Prices may vary depending on the individual’s needs and the amount of filler required.


If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your deviated nose and are seeking a non-surgical solution, dermal fillers may be the answer. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, our skilled professionals can help you achieve the nose you’ve always desired, boosting your self-confidence and enhancing your overall appearance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the transformative power of dermal fillers.

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