Lip Injections to enhance volume and definition

Patient Background:

A 28-year-old female who desired a fuller and more symmetrical lip appearance. She felt her upper lip lacked volume in proportion to her lower lip and wished to enhance her natural lip shape without looking overdone.


After an in-depth consultation with our expert aesthetician, we decided on a hyaluronic acid-based filler, which offers natural-looking results and is reversible if needed. The patient received multiple small injections across the upper lip, focusing especially on the cupid’s bow for added definition.


The outcome was a visibly fuller upper lip that harmoniously balanced with her lower lip. The patient reported minimal discomfort during the procedure and was highly satisfied with the immediate results. The final look was natural, and the enhancement subtly boosted her overall facial aesthetics.

Patient Feedback:

“I’ve always been conscious about my thin upper lip, and after my procedure at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, I feel more confident than ever. The results are just what I wanted – noticeable but still me!”


The patient was advised to avoid any strenuous activities and hot beverages for 24 hours. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for two weeks post-procedure to assess the results and ensure no complications.

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