Hair Loss Treatment Case in Edmonton

Hair loss

Many reasons lead to hair loss, such as hormonal imbalances, fungal infection, stress, diet, and lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, hair follicles will go through the same stages.

Laser hair restoration
Laser hair restoration

Stages of Hair loss

We do not want to lose hair overnight, and it is a long process. The first stage is called the follicle miniaturization stage. At the end of this stage, the fully-grown hair follicle (Terminal hair) retreats in time to be a baby hair (Vellus hair) before completely dying. New research showed that the hair follicles might leave some stem cells that would grow back to adult hair after it falls. This is important because most people lose hope without visible hair.

What induces the miniaturization stage?

It is simply the inadequate blood supply to the follicle roots. Therefore, the follicle does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients through the dermal papilla. Different hair loss treatments and hair restoration are to induce the remaining baby hair and stem cell to grow again to full adult hair.

Case 1012

A Female in her late twenties, with some thyroid imbalance, presented to the clinic for possible hair restoration treatment.

hair restoration Protocol

Weekly treatment of Vit B complex scalp meso injection followed by Fotona laser treatment

hair restoration Cost

Each session costs $400; the client has to be prepared to do a minimum of 8 sessions to see significant results.

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