The Botox Face SCase Details


The client, a female in her late twenties, approached us, desiring a more contoured and slimmer facial profile. She felt that her face looked more rounded, which she attributed to her masseter muscles’ prominence. After a thorough consultation, we suggested Botox injections in the masseter for face slimming.

Injection Procedure

For her treatment, we administered 25 units of Botox on each side of her face, targeting the masseter muscles. The procedure was quick, with minimal discomfort, and our client was given aftercare instructions to ensure the best results.

Face Slimming Results

The transformation was evident just two weeks post-treatment. The client’s face appeared more contoured, and the previously prominent masseter muscles were noticeably reduced, leading to a softer, more feminine facial profile. The results not only met but exceeded her expectations, further solidifying our reputation for delivering excellent outcomes.


Case No. 1368 is a testament to the efficacy of Botox injections in the masseter for face slimming. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we prioritize client satisfaction and tailor each procedure to the individual’s unique requirements. If you’re considering facial contouring or have questions about any of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Face Slimming: Post

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