belkyra double chin

BELKYRATM (in the United States, Kybella) is an injectable medication used to remove fat in the submental region, generally known as the region behind the chin. Deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, is used to dissolve the membranes of fat cells in this non-surgical therapy, resulting in a nicely sculpted profile below the chin.

What does it mean to have a double chin?

The chin area (also known as the "submental region") is prone to fullness or the accumulation and retention of fat resistant to diet and exercise. Submental fullness, also known as fullness, fat under the chin, or a "double chin," is a symptom of ageing of the skin, muscle, bone, and fat underneath the chin, and it may distract from an otherwise balanced and harmonious look. Fullness beneath the chin affects both men and women and is caused by various causes, including age, heredity, and weight increase. It's a frequent misconception that fullness beneath the chin primarily affects overweight people, whereas, in truth, it may affect everyone.

belkyra double chin
belkyra double chin
before belkyra double chin

Factors you can't control

Everyone observes the chin region, whether we are aware of it or not. One or more of the following three variables usually cause a loss or lack of definition in a person's chin profile:

Aging– As we become older, we may notice unwanted changes that lead to the impression of fullness behind the chin. Extra skin, fat growth, and relaxation of the surrounding muscles are all examples.

Genetics - As shown by younger adult patients with substantial fat deposition and a recessed chin, genetics has a role in the development of fullness beneath the chin. These alterations are hereditary and unaffected by age, although they will deteriorate as the ageing process progresses.

Weight Gain - Gaining weight might make it look as though you have a fullness beneath your chin. Most people gain weight as they become older, and even a little amount of weight gain may cause fullness beneath the chin.

belkyra double chin

How does the procedure looklike?

Once I've verified that you're a good candidate, I'll snap a series of images to document your progress. I use a temporary tattoo to create a grid of dots under your chin. This tells me how much Belkyra I should use. Before injecting the Belkyra, I numb the region with local anaesthetic, one injection per dot. The average person receives 20-30 small shots. That's all there is to it; you're finished. To get your desired outcome, you will require a series of two to six treatments, each spaced six weeks apart.

The image depicts the Before and After outcomes achieved when treatments were conducted at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center, but no guarantee is made.

Who is a good candidate for Belkyra

Belkyra is approved to treat double chins cases that are mild to severe. Belkyra is not recommended for persons who have a lot of sagging skin or have a lot of double chins. Belkyra can't cure things like fat deep in your neck or a huge neck or jaw muscle, so your double chin might be caused by something else. Before I make a decision, I'll need to view and feel your neck. If you're pregnant, nursing, or have an infection in the region, I won't treat you.