Neck Wrinkles Removal

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Laser, Ulthera And Pdo Threads For Neck LiftMany of us are guilty of ignoring our neck region in our skin care treatment. Much like the skin on the face, the neck can gradually droop and show other signs of aging. Regardless of the cause, whether due to genetics, years of sun exposure, or the normal […]

Fillers and Thread Combined

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Noninvasive Midface Augmentation Using Fillers and PDO ThreadsNoninvasive midface augmentation and reshaping encompass using PDO threads, dermal filler, and Juvederm Voluma (a type of filler) to reshape and contour the midface. The aim is to achieve a natural aesthetic look quickly, safely, and effectively in an outpatient setting.Who is a Good Candidate for Midface Augmentation […]

Everything You Need to Know about Your Skin

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Skin is the largest organ in our body, and it has several physiological functions. Mainly, it is a barrier that contains all our organs, so It is the first and most important innate immune system

Face Slimming: Post 21

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Face slimming using Cosmetic Neurotoxin Injections, fillers, threadlift and UltheraAs the years pass, we start noticing that our face shape is getting into an inverted V. The base of our face gets wider and less defined, especially around the neck and jawlines. This will give extra years to the face and might affect the person’s […]