Fraxel dual laser for acne scar treatment

Even though people now have effective means of treating skin break out, a lot of people are still searching for ways to manage the scars caused by acne. A standout amongst the most prevalent treatments for all types of acne scars is through Fraxel Dual Laser, otherwise called Fractional resurfacing or Fractional laser treatment.

Fraxel laser treats various types of acne scars, they include

  • Deep scars

    (also known as ice Pick scars)

Ice-pick acne scars are deep little pits in the skin which make the skin look as if it has punctured holes. These acne scars are treated using laser skin resurfacing. Fraxel Dual Laser, which is the ideal laser for treating such acne scars.

  • Boxcar scars

Boxcar scars are mostly located on the cheeks. They are wider than ice pick scars and mostly angular. Boxcar scars require an invasive excision; nonetheless, Fraxel Dual lasers are effective at reducing these types of acne scars.

  • Hypertrophic scars

These scars are not common due to the fact that the wounds do not heal properly. The scars are situated on the torso and the face. Hypertrophic scars are treated with Fraxel lasers, Vbeam, and intralesional cortisone injections.

Shallow indented otherwise called Rolling acne scars

These scars are treated by Fraxel Dual lasers with a 1550 wavelength. Rolling acne scars emerge as a result of the damages done to the dermis. People with these types of scars are the right candidates for Fraxel laser treatment

The Fraxel Dual lasers are widely used because it stimulates the growth of new collagen within the skin.

How do Acne Scars Form?

Acne scars happen when the facial skin heals from pimples or zits. The skin breaks out when bacteria, oil, or potentially dead skin cells are trapped beneath the surface of the skin. If acne is not treated properly, it will form acne scars. In some scenarios, the scars are raised slightly. Scars can likewise happen through surgery (mostly after an incision).

What are the available treatments?

There are various treatments for acne scars; they include laser treatments, chemical peels, minor skin surgeries, and fillers. A certified dermatologic surgeon or dermatologist can perform these procedures in a medical clinic. The acne treatments can reduce acne scars that bring about depression in the facial skin.

Other available treatments include Microneedling, clear + brilliant, Vbeam, and Matrix lasers. They are non-invasive skin treatments that remove acne scars.

Why is Fraxel dual laser superior?

Fraxel dual laser is one of the World’s dominating fractional laser tools, which is used by Specialists for removing acne scars. Fraxel dual lasers produce tiny laser columns which penetrate deep into the skin to diminish acne scars. Most people use Fraxel dual laser treatment because it is highly effective in reducing several skin conditions. Patients recover in a few days and it is extremely safe.

How much Fraxel procedure will I need to treat acne scars?

Most clinics recommend 4 Fraxel dual laser treatments, to achieve an 80% improvement in the acne scars. If the Fraxel Dual laser is used as an independent treatment, one to five procedures are recommended.

You will need two treatments if

  • Your scene scars are shallow such as mild atrophic or box scars
  • CO2 or Erbium laser is combined
  • You have a fair skin tone.

You will need at least 3 Fraxel dual laser treatments if

  • Your downtime is restricted to just 3 days
  • You have a dark skin tone
  • Your acne scars are severe

Generally, the needed number of Fraxel treatments depends on the scar type skin type, and downtime.

Can we combine the treatment of Fraxel dual laser and Microneedling?

Yes, Fraxel can be combined with Microneedling to give optimal results in the outer layer and the dermal layer since Microneedling provides a mechanical factor. Fraxel laser and Microneedling offer optimal results and boost the production of collagen. For pigmentation like melasma, using a 1927 wavelength is appropriate as it focuses on the epidermis.

How is Fraxel used for Acne Scar treatment?

The Fraxel laser makes use of 1550 wavelength to treat acne scars. It is a non-ablative laser treatment with minimal downtime. The laser encourages the production of new collagen by targeting each pore in order to rebuild your skin.

A lot of people who have undergone Fraxel laser treatments say it feels like when a rubber band snaps against the skin. While each laser beam provides warmth to the targeted area, a numbing ointment should be applied one hour before the treatment in order to ease any discomfort. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes; hence, it can be carried out at any time.

What to look out for after the treatment?

After a Fraxel Dual laser procedure, some swelling and redness are expected during the first day, thus, it is imperative to do the following

  • Avoid direct sunlight for one week.
  • Use sunscreen when outdoors to protect the skin.
  • Avoid Smoking until healing is visible.
  • Do not use soap on the treated areas for two days as this may cause irritation, swelling, and redness.
before fraxel acne scars after fraxel acne scras

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